Thirty days of elimination diet

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I started at the beginning of January. I eliminated gluten, all sugars and sweeteners, corn, all nightshade vegetables, dairy, soy, sunflower products, eggs, beef, and pork. Cut back to 1/2 cup of caffeine coffee a day

I eat all other fruit, veggies, chicken, turkey, fish, and most nuts. I have lost eight pounds, and I have not been left hungry.

I have learned a few tricks along the way. Never let yourself get overly hungry, eat healthy snacks. Make sure to drink water. Vary your fruits and vegetables. Do not let yourself get tired. Move around as best you can. Get outside when the weather allows.

The beginning of February I get to add items back into my diet, one at a time.

I have been asked what I am most excited about. It is really hard to say what that would be because I feel so much better now than I used to. I have no desire to feel as I did before.

I do miss cheese. An occasional glop of yogurt in my smooties would be nice. Some beef and pork would be a welcome change. Butter on my vegetables, maybe?

Some things I have no desire to bring back in to my diet. The swelling and joint pain I get from gluten and sugar make it unenticing. Sunflower oil gives me a stomach ache.

The food I do eat tastes so sweet and good now. Regular fruit tastes like candy, and vegetables are sweet without a sprinkle of sugar.

I will warn you that if you try to rid yourself of sugar, every label must be read, it’s added to everything it seems. If it says “no sugar added”, read it more carefully because they will often put sucralose or other artificial sweeteners in.

For me it was a harder addiction to break than cigarettes were. I was down-right grouchy to be around for a few days. They cravings drove me mad, the headache nagged.

The results are worth it for me, now that I can see. My friends started commenting near the end of week two as the inflammation I carried in my face disappeared, thinning it out and returning my cheekbones to me. I have ingested far fewer Advil pills for aches. I wake up in the morning and my joints aren’t stiff. I have taken short walks and haven’t had to take the next day off for foot pain. My house is neater. I have more energy, and I sleep better at night.

My daughter is thinking of joining her high-school running club. Maybe by spring I will be ready to go to.

Even a nice brisk walk would be such a joy. So I will keep going. I probably won’t add most things back into my diet on a regular bases, some not at all. I will test and watch very carefully for side effects.

Life is so good. There is much to enjoy and discover. I am thankful for my friend that encourages me to be healthy, and never gave up until I listened and started to win. I don’t want to miss out on a single experience that could be had because of bad food choices leaving me sidelined.