Where did all the investigative reporters go?

I am watching history being made like the rest of the world. One thing that has become apparent, in my opinion, through the last two years is that there seems to be little integrity in the press.

I started to question, when numbers just didn’t seem to be adding up. I would listen to a story or two and then questions would flood my mind and I would search for answers.

The problem comes when it seems like a majority of people believe without question, because the news used to be factual.

The last few days with the “Convoy for Freedom 2022” is in fact a great example. With the media grossly underestimating the numbers of people involved or they blatantly ignore what the person says and twist it to involve only a small part of why they are doing this.

Do the truckers want the border opened back up so they can continue to do their job? Yes of course. They also want people to be able to operate their businesses at full capacity, serving without discrimination.

The media and the prime minister actually accused people that not so long ago were called “heros” of being terrorists. Just for wanting to continue doing their job without infringement on their human rights, and standing up for the right to do so.

If this is terrorism, there is no democracy.

I personally am tired of reading half-truths, and fear mongering articles.

Where did all the investigative reporters go? You know the people who would ask the tough questions and not just look at the dust in the air, but dig deep till they found the whole truth.