Shock and Disbelief!

Our government has failed us! Our police have brutalized us! Our media has spread the same three half-truths for days on end! The banks are robbing people’s accounts! And some of you think this is okay.

Have you read the charter of rights and freedoms? It was written within my lifetime to protect our people.

Do you know there is supposed to be debates and votes to envoke the war measures act (emergency act)? They canceled the debate and sent in the thugs and bullies. Why are they not following the charter of rights and freedoms.

Did you know there were tens of thousands of people in Ottawa the last few weeks and only about 4 incidents that were broadcast over and over again in the media? Hard to believe with that many people.

Did you know that the city closed the stores, they all could have stayed open and probably recouped all of their lost revenues from the last two years?

Did you know that there was lots of hugging and handshake, laughter and fun?

Did you know that for once in two years there was hope and friendship and family togetherness?

This is not my Canada. My Canada would have had delegates to sit down at a peacefire and talk. My Canada does not violate peoples rights they have sworn to protect. My Canada does not paint a diverse group of Canadians as racists and white sepremists.

Where is my Canada? Is it gone forever?

Shocked and sorrowful!