Introducing My Fitness Partner

Finnigan H Fancypants

When setting fitness goals, it is always more fun and motivating with a friend.

This is my partner. 7.5 months old Coonhound/Sheppard mix.

Although it is nice to spend time with my young friend, it is not necessarily the dream dog relationship I had in mind.

Finnigan has anxiety. He panics at new things, new people, and other dogs

My dreams of a hiking partner that I could throw in the car and take anywhere. Nope, not Fin. Fin takes thought, planning, patience, and hard work.

Finnigan is a very good boy he knows his obedience commands, but going through the “teenage stage” doesn’t always do them.

We are working closely with a veterinarian behaviorist to show him the world is not such a scary place.

Life is full of moments and things that you have to meet where they are, not where you wish them to be.

Will Finnigan ever be “my dream dog”? Maybe, maybe not. Finnigan is real. He is not a dream.

Meeting my young pup where he is still gets me out to exercise. The advantage is exercising with Fin not only trains my body but my mind, patience, and reflexes as well.