Numbers, numbers, numbers swimming in my head!

Numbers like the countdown to my 50th birthday.

Numbers like the, oh my, 50 pounds I want and need to lose.

Numbers like the amount of steps I didn’t take yesterday.

Numbers like the $$$ I need to get away from my life.

Numbers like sleep and awake schedules, and how much time needs to be spend doing what to get to the number of tasks done to reach my goal.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!!!

Becoming Genuine

“Maybe I was reaching for authenticity through a funhouse mirror. I didn’t know. I just didn’t want to be who I was. It turns out that’s not a specific enough request.”

— R. Eric Thomas, Here For It (Amazon, Bookshop)

Have you ever gotten to the point in life where you don’t even “look” in the mirror? Sure you might comb your hair, and make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your teeth, but you don’t actually “see” yourself.

Have you ever looked and been so disappointed by the reflection that was looking back that you walked away in disgust?

We grasp and pull at straws of who we want to be, but never take the time to actually figure out what that “want” actually looks like, or what exercises it will take to be molded into it.

It is not a surface thing. Sure I want the lockdown to lift so that I can fix my hair to stroke my ego a bit. Yep, I want the financial freedom to straighten my teeth. Vanity, vanity, vanity.

More importantly I want to sharpen and hone my values, and beliefs. My deepest character traits, my morals. My what makes me, uniquely me.

Is the reflection true to self? Are the actions in alignment with self?

Do you dare look in the mirror? How does your reflection look?

Rewriting your script!

peace spot

What do you want your story to look like? Do you want quiet and peace, or sizzle and excitement? Do you want corporate ladders, or humanitarian outreaches? Or a combination of all?

What does your mansion look like, or is it a cottage on the beach, a ranch in the foothills perhaps?

Where does your drama come from? What are your pressure points, and how do you deal with them?

What characters are you going to allow into your productions? Who needs to be written out? (Remembering like every good ‘soap opera’, they can in the future return from a comma.)

How much control do you think that you personally have over the script of your life?

You, yes you, are the author of your life!! Are you writing a block buster, or a flop? Are you a super star, or a wanna-be?

Find your peace spot, make your story come to life!

Movie transportation

What makes a really good movie?

I recently spent a down day watching a bunch of movies.

All of them had interesting stories, but they did not all transport me. Some had low budgets, and mediocre acting. I watched to the end just to see how it would wrap up the plot.

Another of the movies I watched, was based on a true story and the character development and horror kept me engrossed. I wanted to see how the individual had overcome, and became successful against the odds.

The final movie I enjoyed, was a love story. It sucked me in. Had me longing for my younger years, wanting to travel, bawling over characters, smelling the ocean, feeling the breeze. I was magically transported to a different place and time. And I was left with an idea to ponder about life.

The story came alive, it was for a couple of hours, reality and passion.

What if our life could become so alive? If we could see, taste, feel, smell, and hear in such a heightened state. If passion for existence could be felt in full technicolor with the music ebbing and flowing in the background. Can you imagine living where you let your spirit move you so freely?

Why don’t we come alive,feel the music, today? Be transported!

Ready, take two, ACTION!

Ready, Set….GO!

Does anyone else feel that with New Years Day falling on a Friday, that the weekend was kind of like getting ready for the marathon of 2021? Today being the first Monday it feels like I should be launching myself from the starting line and running full on into this year.

Kinda disappointing that there is a few administrative things to tidy up from last year, before I can turn my full attention to this year. Although I believe we have made a pretty good start.

Weather is cooperating, so our main line business keeps moving along. Kids have been working on their studies. Relationships are getting more intentional, with continuing date nights with my husband, and “church” building with my tribe.

So I guess we are off on the race through 2021 already, but it still somehow doesn’t feel like it.

Big goals for 2021, this marathon may be rather steep, but I am ready for it. I have been training for years for this moment in time. No turning back! No giving up!

Are you ready to push through the pain, cover the distance, and strive for the prize? What prize came to your mind just now? Pace yourself, find your groove, let’s go for the long haul!

a good starting point

Super Woman!

Well at least I dream of being “Super Woman” today.

I wish I was one of ‘those’ that have a plan, and a time frame, and everything comes out perfect. With not a hair out of place.

But it’s not, I’m not, and my family is kinda like herding cats, they all run in opposite directions.

So for today I be me, tomorrow, wonder woman will show up!



Like waking up to a clean, fresh, snowfall, with out a track or defect, January 1st makes it’s appearance and humans unite in a new sense of hope and anticipation.

I really tried not to get sucked up into the new year thingy this year, but I can’t seem to help myself.

Ironically, well at first glance anyway, my “theme” last year was ‘restoration’. You would possibly think how in the world would someone have gotten restored in such a “backwards year as 2020”. But I woke up this morning with a sense of such peace. I really think it started yesterday with a conversation with my friend Tammy, were out of my mouth I spoke the words, “I am not going to strive so hard to be noticed. I used to feel invisible, so I would volunteer, work really hard, and still feel overlooked, unappreciated and invisible.” She spoke back her welcomed words of wisdom. And then I declared “I am not going to do this anymore, I am just going to be. No more striving, I am going to open myself, and be who I am created to be.”

Well that’s enough about the past, time to step into today!

This morning while basking in this surprising peace, and praying, my theme for this year came to me, “beauty“.

What is beauty anyway? Where does it come from? Does it have to be that much work or can we simplify it? Has our perception of beauty been tainted in any areas? If so, how do we heal those areas?

I see beauty all around me, but it has taken ‘decades’ to see beauty in myself. It is so easy to taint that beauty by our words and actions.

It may take all year to explore this topic, it is so large. But I know GOD made beautiful things for OUR enjoyment and pleasure. I am very ready to enjoy!

1 Peter 3:3-4 “Do not let my adornment be ‘merely’ outward-arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel- rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.”

People of God please note the word “merely” in this verse. God did not say hide your external beauty, which sometimes seems to become a thing for faithful women especially. But he did instruct us on our spirit.

A gentle and quiet spirit is also NOT the spirit of a “door mat”, you can still voice opinions and thoughts, and STAND for justice, and mercy in GRACE. Gentle and quiet is a peace, from God, that knows HE is at work making everything work together for the good of those that love HIM.

Who wants to join me this year in rediscovering beauty? Health, fitness, hair, makeup, style, and knowledge of who we are…. beauty around us, beauty within us, beauty shining through us.

I am all in on this journey!

struck me as beautiful