Just Me

For my entire life thus far my identity has been enveloped in things about me or how I was linked to others. For example I am Bill and Aleace’s daughter, Tim’s wife, the mom of five wonderful children, housewife, the one who makes cedar shingles, etc, etc, etc. Although an important part of me, none of these truly define who “I” am or what sets me apart.

Who am I really? What drives me? What sets me apart? Why am I here? What purpose does my life serve? There has got to be more to life than this? Surely I am not the only one on the earth that wonders why we were put here!

After decades of listening to the voices that have told me you are never going to be more, or do more, or have more. That have told me I am not smart enough or beautiful enough or wealthy enough. I have had enough!

I believe that God, the God that created the universe and holds it in His hand made me. He put me here on this earth in this time for a purpose! I believe He wants good things for us and with connection to Him, love and work we will discover beauty even in the darkness. I believe that as we seek the light we become the light to others to point the way back to the Creator.

I decided to start this blog spot to stretch myself, to connect to others and in the hopes that through my journey to help others to remake the beauty in their lives that may have been distorted through time and trials.

I am tired of settling! I want to be the best Princess of King’s family I was intended to be, the best wife, the best mother, the best life coach, the best student, the “I” that my Father created me to be!