It came to me this week (probably many times before) the humans of this world, especially in our western culture, appear to have one thing very much in common. They are ALL at one stage or another of seeking their “identity”. There is so much “self help” information on line, in books, everywhere you turn because many have lost site of who they are, what their purpose is, why they exist.

Everyone seeks some validation of their worth why they are here. Some believe they are just a mix of biological mass that serve as food when they die for other biological masses. The enlightened have learned they are spiritual beings, comprised of some amount of energy. They have a desire to tap into that energy because they understand their is some type of purpose for that energy, that it is good. Many are even satisfied or at least appear satisfied to have found their chi even if they don’t understand the significance of having this spiritual element. There are those that know that there is a higher creative force that put us here. Different religious groups try to name and relate to the creator, making rules and gestures towards relationship with the creator.

I was raised being taught of the Lord God, creator of heaven and earth and all that lives upon it. I was taught that Jesus loved me, this I know for the bible told me so. I was taught ten commandments, and to honour my parents, to treat my neighbour kindly, and that the book says to love one another. But it took me along time to recognize that God the creator of the universe, God the Father of life, God himself loved and cared for me.

I am NOT a “good person”! I try hard to be. Everyday I start over and over. So why in the world would a good, holy God care about someone like me? Then I look at my children and I understand.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made with the Lord’s help. He is our Father, and He loves us as a Father even when.

I long to be able to express in a way for others to understand that having a personal relationship with our Father changes every aspect in our lives, from how we take care of ourselves and others. To how we face conflict and strife.

I want to be able to explain how giving up opinions and habits when you are in love with God changes from being about following rules and regulations to delighting like a child in pleasing your hero.

I want to be able to explain how we are really spiritual creatures in a vessel of skin and bones to experience a life of joy and discovery.

I want to be able to shout out all the good good things the Lord has done for me some even before I knew I wanted them.

Sometimes I get distracted by life and circumstance and I don’t even notice what is going on right under my nose. I need to be reminded of who I serve and what I have.

Recently I was shown by some strangers that graced me with their company about the fellowship of the followers. I was delighted to share my testimony of how the Lord has brought us through so many challenges and is still actively working in our life. They gifted me more than they may ever realize. You see they came to our home while on a pilgrimage to search out where their ancestors had worshiped. Our home held a piece of that heritage and as I listened to Charles say over and over “Immanuel Kirche, God with us”, it finally became clear to me, another one of my hearts desires had been answered and several years before I even contemplated this desire. You see I have been longing for a church (kirche) to call my own. Somewhere to share fellowship, the love of the Lord, hope, life, encouragement, teaching, somewhere where God can reside outside of human traditions. I have been searching everywhere for that place I belong that can “handle” my exuberance and excitement about the daily miracles of God. That place where people are comfortable to be true, real, raw. Thank you Father for the blessing of Charles and Sharon who pointed out to me, I am already home!

You see the house that my husband and I purchased eighteen years ago, that we have turned into a home for our family and a gathering place for our friends, new and old, was once “Immanuel Kirche der Gemeinlchaft”, Immanuel German Methodist Church. A church where the Holy Spirit was free to lead beyond the traditions of religious restraints. Our home is the “church” that I sought, the place I belonged, where I am free to minister to whoever the Lord sends to me, with the hopes that when they discover that each and everyone that visits belongs to our Loving Heavenly Father, and that their identity, purpose and success is wrapped into our relationship to the Father, the world will shine brighter and reflect the amazing perfection of it’s creation, for the Glory of God and the joy of His children.

If the identity crisis can be turned around, if people can learn the purpose of this life, to live in relationship with the Creator, I can only imagine what God has been waiting to do!