Cold but beautiful

The day after the first big snow storm of the winter. It is very cold, but beautifully bright.

I had to drop my van at the neighbour’s to get some work done on it. I took the chance to get my exercise on the way home.

It is only about a kilometer but in the open areas the wind was bitter on my face, and my blue jeans offered little protection from the freezing temperatures.

I paused to capture some interesting shadows, and shapes that intriqued me, no conscious reason why.

Home by the fire, sipping hot tea. Happy to have filled my lungs with the clean crisp air, happier to absorb the heat back into my bones. Life is good!

Prioritizing the checklist

Once upon a time I had it all together. Lol who am I kidding.

Funny thing about being busy, it is way too easy to forget what I did just a moment before.

Enter the dream of a checklist, again.

Yes again, because I used to have a really good checklist that when I followed it everything would go just “tickity-boo”, yes smoothly.

I wouldn’t forget 2 minutes after taking my vitamin if I took it because I would check it off as I went along.

The problem with stopping using such an awesome and easy tool for someone like me, is that I put it somewhere and now that I am getting back on track and want it, I can’t remember where I put it.

Then of course my overthinking mind wonders how important the original is when it has to be revised. …But the majority of it would be the same, so I wouldn’t have to think so much.

And around I go again!

I must say I do make new year resolutions, but I also believe in challenging myself throughout the year also. Making a new checklist is something on my shortlist to do, in fact it is a resolution.

I figure if I just focus for a moment it could be a really fun art project to.

Pretty pink

Cold winter morning!

I woke up excited to be spending a relaxing day at home with my friend. We had planned a sleepover, full of movies, and cards and art. It started last night with some painting and tea, then a romantic comedy.

What would we do first today? Cards, then movies, then more paint?

With it so incredibly cold outside today what better day to snuggle down by the fire rewatching favourite flicks with my friend. Even if the heat won out and left her napping before the end.

Relationships with friends are the sugary topping on life. They make life worth living!

A little bit of painting to!

Day 4 Victory

Priceless treasure!

This morning was rough. It started last night,I had found a treat at the store that when I tasted it I instantly realized it was a horrible, miserable mistake. Just thinking about it still makes me queasy. Yuck!

Lucky for me I have this priceless treasure of a friend. She seen my distress and gave me a remedy of apple cider vinegar, which surprisingly made a difference.

She is also amazingly gifted in martial arts and knows how to make a girl feel better. She got me flowing through some breathing and tai chi moves, my exercise for the day.

To watch her flow through the moves is like watching fine dancing. Lightly moving from one position to the next with the grace of a ballerina. Ironically if the movements were sped up she could cause serious damage to another. Which makes it even more incredible to watch.

Movement, laughter, tea and conversations about Jesus. What more could a girl want?

Charles the great distractor!


This is Charles. Charles belongs to and is loved by my youngest daughter. He looks innocent enough, right?

My plan was to work in the office for a couple hours, then slip outside for a nice little walking adventure, snap some pics, breathe in the fresh air.

But Charles through a wrench in my beautiful plan of Day 3 Victory. He isn’t feeling well, needs some meds. Couldn’t fail him.

Off to town I went. Short shopping list for needed supplies. Well Sir Charles you may have jammed up my plans, but I found a way to get in my stroll.

The air wasn’t as fresh, the parking lot was slushie, the isles were conveniently empty. I sped up one, down another, around the outer isles, through the healthy grocery parts, poking at veggies that might tantalize my taste buds. Over to the pet department, back to the checkout, and out to the edge of the not busy parking lot.

Today was a day, to make adjustments that work while getting the job done. Charles’ habitat has been treated. My daughter is hopeful. My legs have a little burn to.

Victory doesn’t always have to look exactly the way we had imagined it to.

Small victory, day two

A few simple pleasures

The temperature was bitter today, and my foot and ankle were screaming. I have been feeling muscle fatigue and aches and pains from the after Christmas junk food hangover!

I had been dreaming of a hot, Epsom salt, baking soda, and eucalyptus bubble bath for a week. Of course I never did have one, because my list of tasks were long and important, and “later” hadn’t come. Until now!

I took my time to super heat some water, gather my most comfortable clothing, find a relaxing spa music playlist, get my favourite magazine, a face cloth for cold splashes, a Mason jar of ice cold water to drink, filling the tub to the overflow with tonnes of fragrant bubbles. Then I moved my daughters tree and used the stand as a spot I could comfortably reach my treasures. There, oops, dimmed the lights. Ahhh.

At last the moment when I could step over the side of the bath, and slowly melt into the water, pulling the bubbles up around my chin to smell the refreshing aroma.

I was able to lay there in comfort, feeling the aches slowly dissolve from my body, along with the stress and strain.

For more than an hour, total healing peace as I turned through the magazine I have been longing to enjoy.

My mind absorbed the photos, and stories and quotes. As I turned the luxuriously thick pages, I was transported to whimsical places many miles away, in many different times and situations. Joy stirred in the rekindling of my imagination.

For a time I was away. What beauty is thrust on the world, when a soul decides to let their stories and perspectives flow out through a pen. What treasures await for the soul that picks up the writings and allows themselves to be transported away to joyous, or sad, or exotic places.

As duty started sneaking in to my consciousness, I finished the list I was reading and turned my mind onto a cleansing sugar scrub, and a thorough rinse. Enjoying just a few more minutes of spa life.

Warm fluffy towels then comfy, slouch clothes. Facing the door, to open it would find me back in reality, my children awaiting my return. I was thankful and ready.

Stepping back into my beautiful, colourful life, I felt renewed again. Another victory!

Small victory, but a victory none the less.

This morning I woke up determined. It did not matter that the high for today was -14°C, that my foot pain has been well, still there, and I have fallen more out of shape,while not so patiently waiting for healing. I was going to conquer the cold, break from my desk, and go out in the rays of sunshine.

Luckily I was able to borrow some snow pants, and get my orthotics into my boots. I bundled up the best I could, set a timer, and off I went.

The snow crunched loudly under my feet, a sign of the winter cold. The air was so clear and fresh, I breathed deeply enjoying the burn on my lungs. There were birds flirting around, singing in delight at the bright sun. Beautiful, exhilarating day. But that sneaky wind, would come from no where and bite my cheeks, threatening to force me back inside.

No way! Not fast, not far, but 15 minutes out I did go.

Cold but happy!

I was not the only one out and about today, but at least for me I could go back to my fire at last.

I wasn’t the only one out today!

The deer were certainly more advanced than me, this hill they climbed is nearly straight up from the river below me.

They took a more advanced root!

I stopped to observe the beauty on way back home. The sunshine streaming, made the red glow above the snow.

Not a long walk, but at least I followed through, and boldly crunched along outside in the snow.