Turn back on your dream machine, today!

From CLI class Financial Liberty

I believe it is never to late to start to work on achieving your full potential.

I dare you to dream big today. What do you want? If you got what you wanted, what would you do with it?

Write down your dream, let your mind free from the bonds put upon it!

Just dream!

Understanding our values, beliefs, and purpose

The race is on! You know where you are going, but why are you bothering? What is pushing you to take the next step? What’s the prize?

If you don’t know why you are pushing yourselves what is the point of the effort at all?

When was the last time you slowed down to look at why you do what you do? Is what you are doing bring you satisfaction or are you going through the motions just to keep the roof over your head and your belly full? Are you driven to “look good” to others or are you purposefully living your life for something that fulfills a driving need deep inside of you? Are you living up to your full potential or are you a slave to your past decisions and can’t seem to break free to make the change in the world that you long to see?Are you driven by selfish ambition, or the greater good?

I believe you are created for a purpose! Do you have a grasp on the purpose you are to serve?

God made you to live life and live it abundantly. Do you feel you are living in abundance?

So what are your beliefs and values, do they line up with your purpose on this earth?

I am an encourager, God made me this way. I naturally want to see the best in people and for people. But what I have had to learn the hard way is that the “best” can be fleeting if stewardship is not picked up. If personal responsibility is not grasped. If victim mentality is not squashed under one’s heal and emotions are not examined and managed.

I can not “give” you lasting success, but I can teach how to use the tools to get it.

But first we must know why we are running in the first place, why do we want the prize. We must also exam our own personal stumbling blocks, so we can smash them and turn them into pebbles under our feet.

God wants the best for His people, the best is not name it and claim it, there is little value to character in that. Are you ready for the prize? Are you ready for the beauty of the scenery to get to the prize?

Slow down today, ask the Lord to reveal your purpose, tell Him your hearts desire, look at where your values and beliefs steer you to the goal, and where they create rugged terrain to get through. Then you will know that the next step in the race is worth the effort and you can encourage your teammates to get back into the race too.

Well it happened.

I said it wouldn’t happen this year. I had a plan in place. Not again, no not this year!

And then it did…

S.A.D struck, yes, the winter blues, the darkest nights and overcast days, left me broken. Unmotivated and down trodden my ability to function “normally” became strained to the breaking point.

Everyday it’s the same thing…wake up motivated with a plan. Work on school work, drive my daughter to work, a few other routines, then a break. A break that takes all afternoon, supper maybe, then pick up my daughter, then bed.

I have indulged in two full seasons of a Netflix show within a few days. My kids wonder do I still exist.

Every so often I have a couple days of normal, but for the last couple of weeks, ugh!

Thank the Lord for the months of the year. If I get through today, a fresh new start tomorrow.

I know that it’s all an illusion of newness, it’s not any different than today, but I will hold unto it. Refocus, keep my eyes on the prize. Celebrate the milestones along the way.

Good friends, good food, and new things to discover. Beauty and joy!

The days are getting noticeably longer, the sun is actually shining today.


Night beauty!

Now what?

You have set your goals, you know the steps you need to take to accomplish each of them, you have a time line….

Day one comes and goes. Success!!! Amazing!

Day two comes. You are struggling a bit, but you make it through.

Day three. The struggle to stay focused is tiring. Maybe a little teeny tiny set back won’t hurt.

Day four. First half of the day you are strong, you are focused, lunch time comes…full on crash and burn!!!

Now what? You have tried and tried and tried again. What’s the point of it anyway? Will it really change things for the better anyway?

STOP! Wait! Why is it so easy to fail, and how do you stop it?

One missing link may be that you have not taken the time to reconcile with what you will be leaving behind to get to the new and improved you.

Have you considered the trade offs? Is your subconscious fighting with fear of loss, or change, or that you might miss something good?

If some of your goals have quickly become derailed but you still long to achieve them, now is the time to sit down and make a pros and cons list of where you are, where you want to be, things that you will need to set aside, and things that you will receive when you succeed.

But this alone is not quite enough. Now add the emotional attachment that you have to what you are setting aside. How will it effect your happiness in the long run? What new joy will flood in when you have accomplished your goal?

Mourn and celebrate and then reset your goals with a fresh outlook, and plan, and move more easily forward into the new and improved you because ahead is brighter than behind!

morning light

January treasures!

I am Canadian ah! So you would think that winter would be no big deal to me. And I must admit when I was a kid the snow was rather fun. Sledding, tobogganing, skidoos, snowmen, forts, yes as a kid winter was fun. But confession time, I really do not like winter. I would much rather hibernate like a big ol’ bear.

This year has been so different though, much more mild temperatures. Not a lot of snow. I have actually ventured out on more than one walk.

What a wonderful, peaceful thing to do in January, usually I don’t leave the house till March, except for work, lol.

The scenery has been magical, with little treasures to be discovered, painted in by the hand of God.

You know, don’t tell anyone, but if Canadian winters would stay above -10C I might even like them. 😉