Pink bubbly wine and colour full family!

Happiness is having people you love!

Happy new year everyone! 2022 is here, and my theme this year is “Colour Fully Alive”!

I am on a mission to see and experience as much colour as I can.

I want to smell, touch, taste, listen and observe colour.

I want to feel colour! I want to discover new colour. I want to absorb colour into my soul and radiate colour.

And I don’t want to be just one colour, I want to be and experience all the brightest, happiest, peaceful colours.

How do you experience colour?

Well I asked my friend to pick up some sparkly wine for to bring in the new year. She chose a pink wine, “because it made me happy”, she said.

My cousin created this colourful delight to feast our eyes and taste buds on.

Mouthwatering beautiful

What about this great red lipstick? It brings my face alive!

I want to live Fully-Coulourfully-Alive this day January 1 2022, because there will never be another day like it.

What colours do you find makes you feel colour-fully-alive? And for curiosity sake why?

Self care, pause, rushing through life.

How quickly we can be swallowed fully into life.

We rush around forgetting to breath, forgetting to pray, just going through the motions.

The mind, the heart, the soul needs time to pause, to reflect, to catch up with the body.

In what way will you give yourself permission to pause today? How will you disconnect from life, to listen to hear the desires of the Lord connecting with your soul?


Half a century in the blink of an eye!

Breakfast in bed, with school work, perfect!

I was a little disappointed this morning. I woke up and did not feel any wiser at all.

Somehow I thought that if one was turning as old as I am today, with all the life experiences that I have encountered, I should wake up smarter or wiser or something.

Funny, I really don’t feel much different than yesterday, except maybe a little sad, that I didn’t slow down and bask in life’s experiences more as I was passing through.

The lessons learned young about hurrying along, get up, get dressed, get breakfast,get to school/church/work, get back home, get changed, get to bed, repeat. Not sure how wise these lessons were. With 50 years gone by and the memories of those days quickly slipping away.

One more day, a day of conversation, or togetherness with some of the people I loved and are no more, what a precious gift that would be, if time could freeze for a moment and one could appreciate the heart beat of time as it was happening, basking in pure love and adoration .

Memories, memories, even these are unfaithful and slip and transform in my reckoning. Cruel is the mind!

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not in mourning, or grasped by great sorrow, but only nostalgic for what was and is no more.

In youth you do not understand as time seems to go by at a slow, slow pace and you wish your life away, one hurry up at a time.

I am wise enough to know how I am extremely blessed. A God who loves me, a family to care for me, friends to challenge and celebrate me, no more would a wise person ask for, because nothing else is as sweet.

Today is my birthday, and today I choose to absorb every moment, to slow down and not hurry, to open my senses, to absorb all expressions of love.

Thank you to all that make this journey of life more amazing to me!

The journey part 1

The Master’s Painting

The journey is so very long.

The road is twisty and hilly, sheer drop, or rock cut rise up. Perils on every side.

The trees fly by, so fast they meld into a blur of shades of colour.

Pause for a moment on the shores of possibility, and breath deeply of the clean clear misty air. A re-centering of the spirit, the very breath of God filling your lungs. Peace, peace, peace.

Travel on.

The daylight guides the path, late into the night. The sun plays hide and seek with the hills.

Darkness falls. Traveling on.

The flashes in the distance. Unsure if they are of human hand. Far reaching, but from the height of the majestic hill perception can be unclear.

Zig zagging from the heavens, lighting to the ground, no mistaking now. Gasping in awe of the Creator’s mighty power over and over again. Spectacular and frightening! Sit, watch, wait.

The ground drinking deeply of the soaking rain. Needs provided from the heavens above. Rest, rest ,while the work is done.

As the rain slows, the weiry travellers continue onward through the dark.

Hazzards lurk in shadows, ready to make life altering dashes into the travelers paths. On guard and ready, shield of angels ever near. Sharpened focus, diligence, press on.

Finally the sky begins to brighten. The sun begins to play again.

Rising, rising, a new day. One destination, by faith, and perseverance.

The Master says “well done”. An arrival. Rest now weary travellers, your journey has just begun.

Making a list, checking it twice

There is something extremely satisfying in checking items off a list.

Making it on the other hand…if I could just slow down a bit, or just do it.

To do lists, grocery lists (often forgotten on the counter), goal lists, birthdays and anniversaries, the list of lists goes on and on.

Today it’s all about the packing and grocery list.

What’s on your list today?

Half way there, already!

Wild red raspberry at home

June 1st, 2021

I remember when I was a child my mom helped out my Great Uncle George and Aunt Beatrice. They had the most beautiful garden, lots of gladiolus plants, nice and neat. Vegetables all in perfectly straight weed free rows.

They also had a massive row of big sweet juicy raspberries. It was always fun to ‘start’ picking them, one for the bucket, one for the belly, one for the bucket, two for the belly, etc, etc.

Always about half way through the task of picking, these berries would get boring and old. I remember whining about “how much longer till we get to the end?”

My mom would always say, ” instead of worrying how much we have left to do, look how far we have come!”

Today, right now, the half way point, it’s time to look how far we have come. What was sweet and juicy? What is not quite on track?

Regroup, refuel, strive for the prize but don’t forget how far we have come!

Numbers, numbers, numbers swimming in my head!

Numbers like the countdown to my 50th birthday.

Numbers like the, oh my, 50 pounds I want and need to lose.

Numbers like the amount of steps I didn’t take yesterday.

Numbers like the $$$ I need to get away from my life.

Numbers like sleep and awake schedules, and how much time needs to be spend doing what to get to the number of tasks done to reach my goal.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!!!

Ready, Set….GO!

Does anyone else feel that with New Years Day falling on a Friday, that the weekend was kind of like getting ready for the marathon of 2021? Today being the first Monday it feels like I should be launching myself from the starting line and running full on into this year.

Kinda disappointing that there is a few administrative things to tidy up from last year, before I can turn my full attention to this year. Although I believe we have made a pretty good start.

Weather is cooperating, so our main line business keeps moving along. Kids have been working on their studies. Relationships are getting more intentional, with continuing date nights with my husband, and “church” building with my tribe.

So I guess we are off on the race through 2021 already, but it still somehow doesn’t feel like it.

Big goals for 2021, this marathon may be rather steep, but I am ready for it. I have been training for years for this moment in time. No turning back! No giving up!

Are you ready to push through the pain, cover the distance, and strive for the prize? What prize came to your mind just now? Pace yourself, find your groove, let’s go for the long haul!

a good starting point

When enough is enough

Bellamy’s birthday photo by Sarah Murray

Yesterday was my grand-dogger’s birthday. She turned two and of course we had a little doggy party for her.

At a birthday party of course there are lots and lots of treats for everyone. But here lies the problem…WHY OH WHY DO I EAT THEM?

Of course cake is delicious and it fills my mouth with wonderful delectable sensation, BUT and it’s a big BUT, my muscles and joints SCREAM even louder at me when I am not careful with what I eat. So why oh why do I continue to eat them?

Here I go again, Halloween, daughter’s birthday, and Christmas fast approaching, my very achy and sore foot goes down! Diet reset, eliminate, and add some colour. Only I can make this happen, I put the fork to my lips.

If you hear me muttering “pain” under my breath when I look at bread, or sugar, I am not really crazy. If you hear me chanting healthy goodness, wonderful flavour when I am about to bite into broccoli I am equally not as crazy.

Breaking it down the next seven days, I can do seven days right?

How about you? Are you also struggling to reset some part of your life, where you know that the long term gain will be amazing compared to the constant pain?