Spring In The Valley, Thoughts On Motherhood…

I love the changing of the seasons. Walking daily, seeing the shades of greens and yellows returning to the brown-grey landscape. Tiny bursts of mauve and white escaping from their thick, warm blanket of fall leaves. The Creator, moving his artist’s brush over the woodlands, brings to life little surprises here and there, delighting the eye, stirring the soul.

Tiny details of light and shadows dancing, awaken childhood fairytales in my mind. Spinning fanciful stories of magical beings flitting through the mossy coves. Angel wings drying on the bare branches of the trees. Rooted beings poking up through marshy ground.

Spring, the fresh-clean air invites one to breathe deeply as the morning calm errupts into the musical notes of bird’s song brightly, happily filling the still cool dawn. The spring peeps singing for their mates in the ponds as the day transforms into evening, darkness falls, and the world transforms again.

Anticipation quickening, for what exactly I am not sure?


Today is Mother’s Day ❤️ my children, my treasures, pour out hearts full of love ❤️ a sweater, a bird house, a breakfast cooked and served, a homemade card, a lot of hugs, never knowing their existence, their joys, their discoveries, theirdreams are the greatest delights in my life.

It’s a “Jesus Take The Wheel” kinda day!

So very thankful for the plow man today!

Beautiful, warm, but a better day to stay home by the fire.

Somedays the choice is not ours, when we are in service to others.

2023 My eyes shall seek Your glory!

This is what the Lord said, He who made a path through the sea, through the mighty waters. “Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth. Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert. The beasts of the field will glorify Me, because I supply their needs as I supply Your needs, My people will declare My praise.

Based on Isaiah 43:16,18-21 NASB

The Sky Is Still Blue

Calm beauty

Loss, sorrow, disappointment, numbness, drowning in grief, not fighting in the waves but under the sea, running around, getting no where, clutter and messes undone/ undealt with everywhere, what’s up, what’s down, what even do you feel.

Pulled up from the depth by a pause and a friend, splashing in water, shoes full of sand, the heat of the earth radiating up on the back watching clouds floating and changing, trees waving to and fro, children laughing, sun blinding bright, July humid heat.

Moment, thought, sight, clarity, feeling.

The sky is still blue and it is beautiful!


Look right in front of you, what do you see?

Morning has come again, night is over.

What will you do with this day, this here, this now?

Days have passed on, one after another, gone like the wind.

Stalled, low, waisted.


But “I” am alive. “I” am here. “I” can rise.

There is still beauty when the darkness like blinders is removed from one’s eyes.

Today I am alive! Cleanse off the mourning. Breath deeply to the core. Allow ‘heart’ to beat again, feel deeply the rhythm of the song of life.

Be kind, and live.

Beauty in the transformation

To everything there is a season”

Life and death

A dance together

Painful reminder of the twinkling of time

Felt like forever

Quickly rushing into can’t slow it down

Childhood~Adolescents ~Parenthood ~Change~Growth~They leave home~Death

Thought today would not come, then it’s gone

Gone like a vapor

Held hand slips away

No more time for someday soon

Gone to eternity

Beauty in the transformation

Silence in the shadow left behind


Under a blanket of sparkling diamonds, the garden awaits the invitation to burst forth!

I look out my window and see glittering diamonds, sparkling back at me from the sunshine and snow.

My favourite herb garden laying asleep under a blanket of snow. Lying in wait for warm temperatures to grow.

And I dream and I plan with giddy delight, of flowers, and flavors, of spicy delights.

I long for the days of sunshine, and heat, and feeling the dirt squish under my feet.

My first orders of seeds await on my desk. Pencil and paper and calendar, to plan for the very best.

Maybe this year will be the one I see in my head. Not a weed in the garden, packed full of beauty and bounty instead.

But back to reality on this cold winter day, it is fun to let my imagination out to play.

God’s gardeners

Slow and meticulous

As I was working through the front gardens yesterday many bumble bees came along beside me gather pollen from the pretty flowers.

As I watched there were different kinds of workers. This one slowly went about it’s business going around the center of the flower not missing a spot.

Fast and flighty

This little bumble bee flew from flower to flower frantic in it’s search, barely landing before it was off to the next flower.

People are the same. Some take there time, delighting in the work, tasting the nectar as they go.

Others fly from spot to spot, getting flustered and having to go back to where they started to do things again.

Sometimes they are so quick you don’t even see them pass through. I wonder what they miss because of there haste?

Uniquely you

Oooo look at you

My list of chores is thick this morning, and all I want to do is fiddle around in my gardens.

Every day this week these little tulips in this patch have surprised me with a different colour, and now a new shape.

When I step into the garden it’s like the universe slows. Time softens from being such a concrete baracade around me, crushing in.

My soul quickens, and responsibility moves out of focus, life feels free without a care.


Like waking up to a clean, fresh, snowfall, with out a track or defect, January 1st makes it’s appearance and humans unite in a new sense of hope and anticipation.

I really tried not to get sucked up into the new year thingy this year, but I can’t seem to help myself.

Ironically, well at first glance anyway, my “theme” last year was ‘restoration’. You would possibly think how in the world would someone have gotten restored in such a “backwards year as 2020”. But I woke up this morning with a sense of such peace. I really think it started yesterday with a conversation with my friend Tammy, were out of my mouth I spoke the words, “I am not going to strive so hard to be noticed. I used to feel invisible, so I would volunteer, work really hard, and still feel overlooked, unappreciated and invisible.” She spoke back her welcomed words of wisdom. And then I declared “I am not going to do this anymore, I am just going to be. No more striving, I am going to open myself, and be who I am created to be.”

Well that’s enough about the past, time to step into today!

This morning while basking in this surprising peace, and praying, my theme for this year came to me, “beauty“.

What is beauty anyway? Where does it come from? Does it have to be that much work or can we simplify it? Has our perception of beauty been tainted in any areas? If so, how do we heal those areas?

I see beauty all around me, but it has taken ‘decades’ to see beauty in myself. It is so easy to taint that beauty by our words and actions.

It may take all year to explore this topic, it is so large. But I know GOD made beautiful things for OUR enjoyment and pleasure. I am very ready to enjoy!

1 Peter 3:3-4 “Do not let my adornment be ‘merely’ outward-arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel- rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.”

People of God please note the word “merely” in this verse. God did not say hide your external beauty, which sometimes seems to become a thing for faithful women especially. But he did instruct us on our spirit.

A gentle and quiet spirit is also NOT the spirit of a “door mat”, you can still voice opinions and thoughts, and STAND for justice, and mercy in GRACE. Gentle and quiet is a peace, from God, that knows HE is at work making everything work together for the good of those that love HIM.

Who wants to join me this year in rediscovering beauty? Health, fitness, hair, makeup, style, and knowledge of who we are…. beauty around us, beauty within us, beauty shining through us.

I am all in on this journey!

struck me as beautiful