Life lessons from the canoe..part 1

Happy days!

We went for a little adventure yesterday, just up the road and down the river.

We started out with our 2nd and 3rd new- to-us canoe. (Our first one was stolen, “may the thief break their leg everytime they climb into it”,Tim. LOL Forgive us and them Father.) Added some safety gear and our fishing tackle. We left just after lunch on a beautiful sunny day.

Soon we were in our canoes floating down the river. All of our children are fairly new to canoeing and it has been decades since I learned and canoed. Canoeing brings back many happy memories from my childhood.

The river was calm but swift. We cast our lines here and there, but mostly I was enjoying the scenery, the colours dancing in the light and the damsel and dragonflies flittering in the sun.

The first lesson of the day came when my son and I tried to tuck ourselves in close to shore, to cast a few lines. The current took us in a bit more swiftly than expected. The alders rushed at Fred. He panicked, my yell of “don’t” came to late, he leaned and sploosh! We were swimming.

Two lessons came from this: 1. Remember the fine details…always close your tackle box. Luckily we were able to save his tackle because the canoe righted itself although filled with water.

The 2nd lesson was when things come rushing at you, stay calm, back up, DON’T PANIC, think it through.

At least we have a good story to tell, lol.

As we continued we had to cross a shallow section of rapids. Because of inexperience, we walked through them slowly and carefully enjoying the water massaging our legs.

Wasn’t long till the kids learned they could ride down the rapids in their life jackets. Down they would come, then slog back up, to ride down again.

Playing in the rapids!

Tim and I rested, watching their simplistic fun. Basking in the playground that the Creator provided for us. Enjoying the delight on our children’s faces.

How blessed we are! Can’t wait till the next lesson from the canoe.

Surprise for me


When I left my gardens in the care of my family, I was not sure what to expect when I came home.

This is only one little beauty, I happily discovered.

Probably should pick off the pretty flowers to keep the leaves growing. Not today though it’s too nice not to enjoy.

God’s gardeners

Slow and meticulous

As I was working through the front gardens yesterday many bumble bees came along beside me gather pollen from the pretty flowers.

As I watched there were different kinds of workers. This one slowly went about it’s business going around the center of the flower not missing a spot.

Fast and flighty

This little bumble bee flew from flower to flower frantic in it’s search, barely landing before it was off to the next flower.

People are the same. Some take there time, delighting in the work, tasting the nectar as they go.

Others fly from spot to spot, getting flustered and having to go back to where they started to do things again.

Sometimes they are so quick you don’t even see them pass through. I wonder what they miss because of there haste?

If you could only smell the breeze…

It looks grey, there is mist in the air, kind of a bummer, I thought. When I stepped around the protective edge of the cabin the clean fresh breeze made me stop in my tracks. I stand here explaining to you while deep breathing cool freshness and coming a little more alive. I should already be working, but rushing is not living. This very moment, this very breath will never come again. Be blessed and may you recognize the blessing when it comes!

Upon the waters

When I agreed a few months back to take on this little mission I am on, I expected to receive some good fellowship with my friend, and to see something new.

I found out last night about the icing on this cupcake, I was taken fishing!

We piled in the boat, and set off. Up the lake we went passing our cabin on the right.

We continued breathing the fresh moist air deeply into our lungs. Bouncing across the waves, at the speed of youth. Refreshing and invigorating after a hot day of gardening and landscaping.

Our guide slowed the boat and announced we were at the first good fishing hole. I jokingly asked him if it was the best one.

He showed me how to bait the jig with the frozen shiner, and I cast it out into the water. Started reelling back and bam there was a fish on my line. I pulled my first pickeral/walleye into the boat. The adrenaline corsed through me, I couldn’t believe it!

A couple minutes later, bam, the little lady fishing with us snagged a nice size pike on her Barbie rod.

We continued casting and reeling but not long after my rod quickly laid aside for this beautiful family appeared on the horizon. In awe I grabbed my camera and fired away.

We cast a few more times then moved up the water a bit more.

All of us in the boat pulled at least one fish, amazing. I ended up with three. This one was too little.

Too soon it was time to turn back. The sun was setting, the kids needed to be tucked in bed.

We headed back in, enjoying the ride, the speed and the setting sun.

Back at the dock, we admired our haul. As we dreamed of the sweet reward of the fish fry to come.

The Creator displayed His beautiful art display, and smiled upon our pleasure.

Overwhelmed by beauty

Red Lake, ON

As I prepare for the day, I can’t stop the feeling flooding through me. A feeling of amazement at this spectacular moment in time.

I am not on a “vacation”, we are working very hard. But to be surrounded by such beauty from the Master’s hands, I do not know how to form the words.

Finding myself speechless, to not know what to say to ya’ll….

I think we get used to the beauty around us and take it for granted. A change or break or a traumatic event can shake one out of the coma we walk around in.

But for this moment, I will allow the Lord to refresh me, and bask in amazement and silence.

What more does one need

A day of rest, a pause, a break, the Father Creator Lord knew what we need the most!

Many Christians believe that it is a day to honour the Father. Everyday is a day to honour and worship the Lord. Sunday (or whichever day you choose as sabbath) is a gift from the Lord who knows we need rest. Mark 2:27

My heart is full of love and Thanksgiving at His marvelous grace!

Thankful The Creator Sent Rain!

Clouds of promise

Yesterday was a beautiful hot sunny day, with a picture perfect sky, and not too many mosqitoes.

I was out working in my garden, weeding, watering and replanting my romaine lettuce that had failed to come up.

The reason I believe it had not grown was lack of water. I had been watering everyday but not nearly enough. The unseasonably hot and dry temperatures, and on somedays a steady wind, were not allowing the water to saturate into the ground.

When I started cultivating the surface and watering deeply, the ground sighed with relief. You could actually hear it drinking up the life giving liquid.

My heart could not help traveling to places of drought, where water is more precious than gold. Feeling thankful for our usual abundance, and asking the Lord for a little help to get fresh healthy food for my family and whomever He sends so that I can bless them with the excess.

Early this morning, before I was fully awake, I could hear the sound of a gentle rain tapping on my roof and splattering in my herb garden outside my window. All I could think was thank you Father, for sending a life giving drink, to this desperate earth.

The forecast calls for more rain tonight. We certainly need it. As the ground is turning to dust.

Sometimes my soul requires a little cleansing rain as well. My being becomes stagnant and starts to wilt. It becomes hard to shine and ‘be’ beautiful. (True beauty= kindness, gentleness, self control).

The world we live in seems to try to cultivate thistles. It is very good at growing thistles. It fertilizes with division and hate. It waters with government control and inadequacy. It seeds in destruction, jealousy, isolation and death. It is sometimes difficult to tell the weed from the flower.

Diligence and patience is required. We can’t rush through the watering and weeding process. We can not grow without drinking deeply of what is good, and carefully examining what is taking root, that we are allowing to grow within us.

May the Creator shower you with love and blessings, may He cultivate hope, peace, and joy in each of you.