Celebration Time!

Very excited to announce that I have received yesterday in the mail my license to perform marriages in the province of Ontario! I cannot even explain how excited I was to find the big brown envelope that I have been waiting for for the past few weeks.

I am now officially a “Life Celebrations Clergy Specialist”! I am so excited to be a part of the important times in peoples lives, weddings, new babies, vow renewals, blessings, end of life events, funerals.

I am now working on my new brand, to be released soon, “Life’s Love Letters by candy!” Watch for it, and do spread the word that I exist!

I don’t want to be “nice”!

I have been contemplating the “question of the day” for many days now, lol.

I don’t want everyone crying and saying “she was such a nice person”, I want to be known as passionate, life changer, enthusiastic, I am not even really sure. I don’t want to be that nice person that is forgotten in the end, I want my life to count for something!