If you could only smell the breeze…

It looks grey, there is mist in the air, kind of a bummer, I thought. When I stepped around the protective edge of the cabin the clean fresh breeze made me stop in my tracks. I stand here explaining to you while deep breathing cool freshness and coming a little more alive. I should already be working, but rushing is not living. This very moment, this very breath will never come again. Be blessed and may you recognize the blessing when it comes!

I don’t want to be “nice”!

I have been contemplating the “question of the day” for many days now, lol.

I don’t want everyone crying and saying “she was such a nice person”, I want to be known as passionate, life changer, enthusiastic, I am not even really sure. I don’t want to be that nice person that is forgotten in the end, I want my life to count for something!