The shelter of silence

There is safety in silence.

Silence is a camouflage.

With a smile, it can be a bait.

With a frown a warning.

With a hug, love.

With the slightest twist of the head, listening.

With a wink, playfulness.

With eyes closed thoughtfulness, rest.

With eyes wise open, wonder.

There is safety in silence.

The journey part 1

The Master’s Painting

The journey is so very long.

The road is twisty and hilly, sheer drop, or rock cut rise up. Perils on every side.

The trees fly by, so fast they meld into a blur of shades of colour.

Pause for a moment on the shores of possibility, and breath deeply of the clean clear misty air. A re-centering of the spirit, the very breath of God filling your lungs. Peace, peace, peace.

Travel on.

The daylight guides the path, late into the night. The sun plays hide and seek with the hills.

Darkness falls. Traveling on.

The flashes in the distance. Unsure if they are of human hand. Far reaching, but from the height of the majestic hill perception can be unclear.

Zig zagging from the heavens, lighting to the ground, no mistaking now. Gasping in awe of the Creator’s mighty power over and over again. Spectacular and frightening! Sit, watch, wait.

The ground drinking deeply of the soaking rain. Needs provided from the heavens above. Rest, rest ,while the work is done.

As the rain slows, the weiry travellers continue onward through the dark.

Hazzards lurk in shadows, ready to make life altering dashes into the travelers paths. On guard and ready, shield of angels ever near. Sharpened focus, diligence, press on.

Finally the sky begins to brighten. The sun begins to play again.

Rising, rising, a new day. One destination, by faith, and perseverance.

The Master says “well done”. An arrival. Rest now weary travellers, your journey has just begun.

Will the ending be beautiful?

last day of the tulip

When one invisions the moving of time in their lives, one imagines beautiful things.

How hard, when what is supposed to be beautiful, gets twisted and shaded.

When the pain comes and all one wants is mercy and relief.

When thoughts repeat, louder and louder, till one has no choice than to respond.

The facade is blown.


This is just a chapter though.

Will the ending be beautiful?

Promises waiting !

The earth like my soul awaits for the renewal of spring, after being blanketed by the cold grey days of winter. Having been held firmly and fiercely in it’s grip, smothering the life breath from it’s lungs. Heart fighting to beat against the constriction of it’s chest.

Waiting for the sun to melt the icy grip away. To chase the darkness, and shadows back to the outside of the fortress walls. Waiting for the colours of life to return. Waiting for the warm breeze to revive the princess’s hope and joy.

Come quickly light of life, the darkness threatens to completely overtake!