Living on the edge of Algonquin Park

Feeling blessed to live so close to the park.

Able to load the kids up, throw on the canoes and go.

Pack a lunch. Grab the fishing poles.

Magnificent, spectacular, memories in the making.

This is truly living!

God is so good!

Creepy cool!

Baby arachnids!
How many do you think there are?

Found in a hole in my backyard 😳 I hope they take care of some pests in the garden

I understand their usefulness, but I don’t think I am totally over my arachniphobia from giant barn spiders in my grandparents front porch when I was a child.

Standing rule for spiders, stay outside! Inside you better hope that the kids are home to move you. (I do try to move some that get inside, but seriously, where’s my boot?)

Church in wild woods

I probably said it before, but I truly believe that God is a master artist

The variety of delightful eye candy in every direction.

Creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Loon calls. Bird songs.

Sand squishing, clouds drifting through the sky.

A day in the park, leaves me praising the master, in awe of His wonderful creations, and how He must love us to give us the delights of our eyes.


Tiny fluttering beauty

It started with a science experiment with the kids. We gathered a monarch caterpillar, some milkweed leaves and carefully placed it into the insect cage.

We watched and waited. We waited and watched.

A chrysalis formed.

Wait some more, and changes started. The colour of the chrysalis transformed.

Then one morning it immerged. Wings kinked up. Unable to fly.

As the day progressed, the butterfly stretched it’s wings a little more and a little more. Fluttering and strengthening.

It’s favourite place to rest was in the sun, stretching and fluttering.

By the end of the day it stretched one more time, then it fluttered away.

Every year now, I watch and wait till the butterflies return. I leave a few milkweed plants in the flower bed so they know they are welcome here.

To understand the amazing transformation from ‘worm’ to beautiful butterfly a miracle of grand proportion. I stand amazed!

Enemies and rewards


Cripplingly painful feet!
Too much weight!
The mighty mosquito swarms!

There are so many reasons to NOT get up early, lace up the sneakers, and head out the front door.

The mosquitoes are crazy right now, the pollen is thick in the air, and face it who wants to roll out of bed in the morning to hit the road and get the heart pumping.

Funny with the exception of feeding the mosquitoes, two of the enemies are part of the motivation to go.

More reasons to suck it up, time spent with my handsome son who unlike other 15 year olds still wants to spend time with his mom.

The quiet of the morning or the riveting sound of the motivators voice on the podcasts we listen to. Trying to encourage him to strive for greatness, whatever that looks like for him.

Then there is just the joy of being in nature, the beautiful surprises we find.

We may not make it every morning, I have to accept my limits for now, but every time we go is one step closer to the goal. And there is always the precious treasures we find.


Baby toads, thumb nail size
Pathways to far-far-away, in my dreams
Pink trilliums

July Heat in May

Bumblebee at work

Must be a storm brewing 30°C and a breeze is picking up. We certainly could use a nice soft shower overnight.

Send silent prayers for no damaging rains. Give the seeds a chance to sprout not wash them out.

Still clouds

Farmer working long and hard, tractor loud in the background, renewing a long retired field. Worked late into the night, back again today. Hopes and dreams lying dormant in the soil. $$$ and especially time, tied up in skill and luck.

The day the ants march

Today is the day the big ants are out on mass. Scurrying here in there, searching, searching. One would think from watching they have no where or everywhere to go.

Hummingbird keeps dancing around the spring flowers above my head. He boldly comes close but yet so flighty he eludes my lense.

Now back to reality, it’s nearing supper time.

Morning Light

There is something magical about the early morning light, the air crisp, smells magnified, naturally noisy with bird songs floating to my ears.

Pushing, pounding heart, lungs filling with the freshest of air.

This early morning training session with my son Fred, this felt like living.

Simple, didn’t cost anything, a memory, time well spent, an investment in the future.

Magically wonderful!