An evening walk, quiet, beautiful

I haven’t been able to really enjoy walking in a long time but tonight I was almost completely pain free. I gladly volunteered to walk to our mill to unplug a tool, truly enjoying the evening air.

What a wonderful blessing to be able to walk!

I paused to enjoy my garden again and discovered new treasures developing on the plants.

After the rain

Storms are moving through today.

It is cool and nice outside.

Although I had planned on working an hour in the garden this morning, the thunder and rain sent me back inside.

During a loll in the storm front, I found some time to quietly stroll around.

More, no differently beautiful than yesterday.

A beautiful display, delighting the eye, and calming the soul.

Please enjoy my garden.

Garden update, sort of…

Two days ago I snapped some shots of my gardens. I was so happy with the way they were coming along.

Then it rained. It rained a lot! In fact it poured from the sky, filling the puddles to over flowing.

It was beautiful!

Today I planned on taking new pics of the magic that occurred. The garden took off, growing, growing, growing. Miraculous!

When I came inside to get my camera, it started to rain again.

I am hoping tomorrow I can get the “after” pics.

Creepy cool!

Baby arachnids!
How many do you think there are?

Found in a hole in my backyard 😳 I hope they take care of some pests in the garden

I understand their usefulness, but I don’t think I am totally over my arachniphobia from giant barn spiders in my grandparents front porch when I was a child.

Standing rule for spiders, stay outside! Inside you better hope that the kids are home to move you. (I do try to move some that get inside, but seriously, where’s my boot?)