Shout out to PlantNet

Lemon balm

I planted a lot of seeds this year, with the help of the kids.

We also used composted local fertilizer from a nearby farm, so we have a few new weeds to deal with.

Then we could throw in my overworked mind, which forgets many things these days.

So I was really unsure if this was friend or foe.

Earlier this year I found “PlantNet” on ‘Google play. I have really enjoyed this so far free app.

Sometimes it just gives suggestions, but if you add a quick Google search confirmation or redirection comes quick.

I guess I won’t pull that lemon balm out of my flower pots after all. I will wait for it to ‘steep’.

Sweet taste of pea pods, friends and enemies in the garden, taking my art outside

Spent the morning fighting weeds, and potato bugs. I don’t use duster or sprays in my garden, so picked them off one by one. Luckily our pet turtle will gobbles them up quick.

This afternoon was a bit more fun. My pole beans and peas are big enough to need support. I decided to make my trellis into art this year with the help of my son, our spider webs took shape.

As a reward today a taste, of a baby pea, and time with my son.

Tired, fulfilled, peace, and joy, this is living!

Long day but so worth it!


Beauty and Flavour

Walking home for lunch today, I was welcomed by these beautiful flowers. On closer examination I was not the only one attracted by it’s beauty. I could not help myself but to pause and watch my fluttering friend.

I continued on to gathering my lunch from the gardens. Fresh basil, kale, and arugula were the delights of the day!

Thankful for the nutrition our effort and the Lord’s goodness provided!


Tiny fluttering beauty

It started with a science experiment with the kids. We gathered a monarch caterpillar, some milkweed leaves and carefully placed it into the insect cage.

We watched and waited. We waited and watched.

A chrysalis formed.

Wait some more, and changes started. The colour of the chrysalis transformed.

Then one morning it immerged. Wings kinked up. Unable to fly.

As the day progressed, the butterfly stretched it’s wings a little more and a little more. Fluttering and strengthening.

It’s favourite place to rest was in the sun, stretching and fluttering.

By the end of the day it stretched one more time, then it fluttered away.

Every year now, I watch and wait till the butterflies return. I leave a few milkweed plants in the flower bed so they know they are welcome here.

To understand the amazing transformation from ‘worm’ to beautiful butterfly a miracle of grand proportion. I stand amazed!


A delight to the senses

Slowly assimilating back into the family. Still tired from the travel, physical work, and adrenaline crash from returning to the familiar.

Problem is that I do not want to go back to how life was managed before the mission trip. “But I am tired!”, whiny voice here.

The schedule was grueling while away, trying to complete as much as possible in as short of time as we could. The work was chewed through and the end of the days were wrapped up with a bow of satisfaction.

I don’t want that to remain there, I want it here also!

Diet was a huge part of our success I believe. We were eating keto with intermittent fasting. Well balanced, healthy, not processed food.

The fresh air, and physical labour made sleep sweet.

Making a grocery list today. Not breaking under the pressure of convenience and the desire for treats.

Fresh whole foods. Moderate quantities/portion control. No unhealthy snacking.

Getting outside into the garden. Absorbing the sunshine, breathing the air, stimulating the senses.

Wrapping the day into a bow of satisfaction of a job well done!

Surprise for me


When I left my gardens in the care of my family, I was not sure what to expect when I came home.

This is only one little beauty, I happily discovered.

Probably should pick off the pretty flowers to keep the leaves growing. Not today though it’s too nice not to enjoy.

God’s gardeners

Slow and meticulous

As I was working through the front gardens yesterday many bumble bees came along beside me gather pollen from the pretty flowers.

As I watched there were different kinds of workers. This one slowly went about it’s business going around the center of the flower not missing a spot.

Fast and flighty

This little bumble bee flew from flower to flower frantic in it’s search, barely landing before it was off to the next flower.

People are the same. Some take there time, delighting in the work, tasting the nectar as they go.

Others fly from spot to spot, getting flustered and having to go back to where they started to do things again.

Sometimes they are so quick you don’t even see them pass through. I wonder what they miss because of there haste?

The journey part 2: Change of pace, to bring light back into focus

God is so good!

Stepped out of the rat race, to work extra hard for a week. Some how the Lord has come directly into view. Musing in the morning. Conversation and growth. A blessing upon me.


The beginning of removing of the weeds that sneak into us, like weeds in this garden.

The journey continues…