Victory on Sunday, Failure by Tuesday

Whatever is true, honorable, right and pure…think…

How the mighty-in-thought fall? How to be a hypocrite in 5 easy steps? The possibility for the titles I could put to these thoughts seems endless and somewhat amusing in a “head lowering, shame filled” way. Let me start at the beginning…

Sunday morning, I got up on fire for God. I felt filled with joy. I could not wait to worship. I invited all my family to come with me. Unfortunately, none did, but hey, I asked. On the way to worship, I tuned my van radio into the Christian radio station, hoping for some rocking out praise music, a sermon by Dr Charles Stanley on not selling our birth right for a bowl of soup was what I heard instead.

Service was filled with wonderful surprises. A guest speaker no one, not even Pastor knew was coming. Our worship leader was allowing the Holy Spirit to pour through her, and she was raising brand new songs spontaneously to the Lord. Then, after service, a spontaneous fellowship complete with lunch.

Having had no warning about our guests, I suggested ordering pizza. Agreed and done. There was no gluten-free. Luckily for me, I was prepared! I was not going to “sell my birthright” of a healthy body just for a slice of deep and delicious, yummy smelling pizza. After explaining that “no, I was not fasting”. I enjoyed and was amazed by the time in fellowship.

Well, time has a way of passing by without me noticing, so late in the afternoon, I went off to gather my daughter from work and then came home. Noticing the time I figured, I made it this far today, maybe I should finish the day out fasting.

I went to bed and woke up feeling rejuvenated. (Even though my sleep was not great, the fellowship buzzing around in my mind.)Wow, what an amazing start to the week. Really flying well now!


Another great start to the day, lots done, and ate healthy in the morning. Afternoon comes…switch into my “mom’s taxi hat”. Drove Fred, check. Brought Fred home, check. NO TIME TO THINK, BREATH, EAT! Next kid loaded, kid a little ungrateful because Mom is running late. Mom’s h-anger kicks into overdrive. SNAP!CRACKLE!POP! and we aren’t talking no rice crispies!!

Dropped the kid off, ran errands for said kid. Ran through the store driven by unreasonable hunger! So much for self-control, birthright, patience! I did read the labels…well sort of. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

No wheat, haa relief, not starving, oh wait what does that label really say?

Hung my head in shame, apologized to everyone I snapped at, and today Friday feeling the wrath of my impatience in all of my joints and intestines.

Lessons taken…to stay healthy, happy, wise, plan ahead girl! I knew I had taxi-duty, I heard the still small voice say, “Take an apple with you.” Seriously, how much simpler can it get!

How easy it is for us mere humans to get off track when we get busy and don’t take the time to take care of ourselves. How can we be a shining example of health and wellness, of full-beings, body, mind, and soul if we don’t preach by our own actions, not our empty words.

Lesson learned, new day, new possibilities. Thankful for another chance to grow and follow.

Praise the Father his patience is so much greater than mine. His mercy, my only hope!

Todays goal: Do the best I can with Thanksgiving, fully covered by hope in the Lord. What more can I do? I really don’t want to be a hypocrite.

Thirty days of elimination diet

Quick Sale Asparagus & Baked Lemon Chicken

I started at the beginning of January. I eliminated gluten, all sugars and sweeteners, corn, all nightshade vegetables, dairy, soy, sunflower products, eggs, beef, and pork. Cut back to 1/2 cup of caffeine coffee a day

I eat all other fruit, veggies, chicken, turkey, fish, and most nuts. I have lost eight pounds, and I have not been left hungry.

I have learned a few tricks along the way. Never let yourself get overly hungry, eat healthy snacks. Make sure to drink water. Vary your fruits and vegetables. Do not let yourself get tired. Move around as best you can. Get outside when the weather allows.

The beginning of February I get to add items back into my diet, one at a time.

I have been asked what I am most excited about. It is really hard to say what that would be because I feel so much better now than I used to. I have no desire to feel as I did before.

I do miss cheese. An occasional glop of yogurt in my smooties would be nice. Some beef and pork would be a welcome change. Butter on my vegetables, maybe?

Some things I have no desire to bring back in to my diet. The swelling and joint pain I get from gluten and sugar make it unenticing. Sunflower oil gives me a stomach ache.

The food I do eat tastes so sweet and good now. Regular fruit tastes like candy, and vegetables are sweet without a sprinkle of sugar.

I will warn you that if you try to rid yourself of sugar, every label must be read, it’s added to everything it seems. If it says “no sugar added”, read it more carefully because they will often put sucralose or other artificial sweeteners in.

For me it was a harder addiction to break than cigarettes were. I was down-right grouchy to be around for a few days. They cravings drove me mad, the headache nagged.

The results are worth it for me, now that I can see. My friends started commenting near the end of week two as the inflammation I carried in my face disappeared, thinning it out and returning my cheekbones to me. I have ingested far fewer Advil pills for aches. I wake up in the morning and my joints aren’t stiff. I have taken short walks and haven’t had to take the next day off for foot pain. My house is neater. I have more energy, and I sleep better at night.

My daughter is thinking of joining her high-school running club. Maybe by spring I will be ready to go to.

Even a nice brisk walk would be such a joy. So I will keep going. I probably won’t add most things back into my diet on a regular bases, some not at all. I will test and watch very carefully for side effects.

Life is so good. There is much to enjoy and discover. I am thankful for my friend that encourages me to be healthy, and never gave up until I listened and started to win. I don’t want to miss out on a single experience that could be had because of bad food choices leaving me sidelined.


I Am Willing…or am I?

The pleasure of learning

Morning pages and morning affirmations are part of my journey this year, as I work through this creative devotion book.

This morning I was struck, almost dumb founded as I wrote!

I had reread Julia’s affirmations and basic principles as usual, and I started to write out my affirmations for my day, and life.

Like every other morning this week. I looked forward to writing the “I am willing…” statements. I was looking forward to the “feel good” moment that these statements bring. All of a sudden it changed!

I started with “I am willing…” Then I was stuck repeating “I am willing…I am willing.” Nothing more.

The writing voice changed! It was not threatening or condescending but firm and pointed!

“What are you willing to do?”

“Are you willing to let God use you to bless your own health, so you have energy to bless your family, so they are able to pour blessings out on others without distraction. “

“Are you willing, to seek the perfect shot of God’s creation, even though you have to go out into winter to do it? Are you willing to attempt that new art medium you have been dreaming of….to create beautiful meals….or transform your house and yard into the gorgeous artsy home you have been dreaming of? Are you willing to look at the photo of your life right now today and say ‘I am blessed’?

Am I truly willing, or am I begrudgingly going through this life, half-way doing what “needs” to be done, like a child “forced” to do their chores and homework?

How about you? Are you willing?

Health matters

I have a food enemy! I know I have said it before.

Three days, back in to carefully choosing my food choices.

I have been drinking Nettle/Dandelion tea every morning for three days to aid in detoxing.

Pain is easing, and “easy” food is looking less and less tempting.

I missed jumping in the lake with my kids this past weekend, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to climb back out.

I missed spending time working in my garden fully on Monday because the pain was too great.

That is NOT living!

Playing with my kids is much more important than any donair, or burger, or cookie.

I confess self control with food, even though I don’t overeat, is not easy when there is breads, cookies, things like that around.

Learning to cook, so my family enjoys and I don’t have to make many separate meals is my new challenge.

Training their pallets to enjoy and delight in healthy, non-gluten food is my mission.

Sunshine, swimming pools, and dogs

Today’s great adventure…

Go Belly!

My daughter asked me a few weeks back to take her to a dock diving dog training workshop.

I love to spend time with my oldest girl whenever I can. Now that she lives away from home, every chance is special to me.

Today was that day. Not too hot, but got a little too much sun on my knees. Not raining, that was good.

Bellamy thought it was an awesome sport, fetch and swimming all rolled into one.

Picnic lunch.

Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Fresh air.

Happy kid.

Perfect day!

Sweet taste of pea pods, friends and enemies in the garden, taking my art outside

Spent the morning fighting weeds, and potato bugs. I don’t use duster or sprays in my garden, so picked them off one by one. Luckily our pet turtle will gobbles them up quick.

This afternoon was a bit more fun. My pole beans and peas are big enough to need support. I decided to make my trellis into art this year with the help of my son, our spider webs took shape.

As a reward today a taste, of a baby pea, and time with my son.

Tired, fulfilled, peace, and joy, this is living!

Long day but so worth it!


Thinking healthy

All the variety of greens and the radish straight from the garden.

Today’s seasoning Thia Basil, and Mint.

Garnished with a tiny sprinkle of pink salt, and a healthy drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Can’t wait till I can add my own home grown tomatoes!

For the love of quick sale racks and garden fresh herbs

I love quick sale at the local produce isle. You never know what you will find.

This week’s treasure, papaya. Inspiring tropical smoothies for breakfast yesterday, and a papaya, nut salad with homemade peanut, basil dressing for lunch today.

A little sprinkle of chili pepper, a grind of fresh pepper and the taste buds are tantalize.

Not to mention gluten-free and healthy to boot!

I wonder what I will discover next time around.

For the love of quick sale racks and garden fresh herbs

I love quick sale at the local produce isle. You never know what you will find.

This week’s treasure, papaya. Inspiring tropical smoothies for breakfast yesterday, and a papaya, nut salad with homemade peanut, basil dressing for lunch today.

A little sprinkle of chili pepper, a grind of fresh pepper and the taste buds are tantalize.

Not to mention gluten-free and healthy to boot!

I wonder what I will discover next time around.

When Comfort and Enjoyment Turns to Poison and Pain

I thought it all was happening because I am aging. It started with pain in the bottom of my feet, weight gain, depression, exhaustion. Some mornings I would climb out of bed and as soon as my feet hit the floor the pain would radiate making me walk as if I was a very old arthritic person.

A wise friend of mine, suggested the link between food and inflammation, and I researched and read. There is unlimited amounts of research on foods that cause inflammation. But “really” was it true or just another bunch of crud.

When I stop and think back and remember the happiest times in my life, they included food. Helping grandma make homemade bread from scratch when I needed to pull up a chair just to reach the table. Begging for “piggies” (little triangles of dough grandma would cut off for us kids to gobble down). Cookies and tea whenever people would pop in. Huge Christmas/ Easter/ Thanksgiving gatherings filled with every delectable delight imaginable. Cooking for weeks before the events in preparation for the day. Or birthdays indulging in the local Chinese Restaurants delights. Food such a huge part of the joy of life.

I was raised in a day and age where you “ate what was in front of you”, you “didn’t leave the table till your plate was clean”, and “leftovers were completely consumed as there are starving people in the world, so we don’t waste food here”. “Money doesn’t grow on trees, neither does meat and potatoes.” Don’t get me wrong, society today in North America wastes enough food on a given day to feed the entire world a decent meal (in my opinion).

What if we have it wrong though? What if the social interaction without all the”goodies” is what we should be craving? What if we should be seriously considering the role of food as fuel for our bodies, and as a way to good health foremost to any other “secondary” thing? What if we have been shaping unhealthy, detrimental relationships to food for generations?

Within my own family a series of serious food in-tolerances has been appearing, complicating the relationship with food. My uncle and brother have celiac disease, my oldest daugther started breaking out in hives probably from MSG and had digestive issues that could be linked to celiac, one daughter is allergic to dairy/lactose, my youngest is allergic to food colourings.

From my research I found that that wheat allergy, and probably processed sugar, could be a culprit causing the inflammation in the bottom of my feet. But bread, so easy, so good, so much of my life, not to mention pasta…I love pasta.

After much internal debate, I choose to go gluten free, just as test. Sure enough my feet started feeling better. The swollen painful sensation on the pads of my feet was disappearing. The scale started going down instead of up. My mood and energy level started improving. Wow, there was something to this!

Then I slipped, the cravings for toast and pasta hit me like a tonne of bricks. I wanted it, I needed it, I deserved it! The research was just a bunch of “bull patties” anyway right. So back I went onto my old diet of pasta for dinner, and toast for snacks.

Depression took no time to set in, my energy was sapped. How can one move around when you have constant pain in the bottoms of your feet?

Lord have mercy, for me giving up bread, cakes, pasta, cookies, is a struggle harder for then giving up cigarettes was. The psychological link to pleasure of these items is deeply ingrained in ME, “a normal, rational, intelligent human.”

Again, I have started training to eliminate the addiction to wheat based products from my life. I am on about day seven. My mood has improved, I barely hobble, my energy is going up.

This experience has left me with many questions, and lines for research, on societies relationship to food, and health. Are we paying close enough attention to the impact food has on us, emotionally and physically? It’s time to pay attention as our population ages, and our food processes change. It’s time to listen to our bodies, minds, and souls!