Health matters

I have a food enemy! I know I have said it before.

Three days, back in to carefully choosing my food choices.

I have been drinking Nettle/Dandelion tea every morning for three days to aid in detoxing.

Pain is easing, and “easy” food is looking less and less tempting.

I missed jumping in the lake with my kids this past weekend, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to climb back out.

I missed spending time working in my garden fully on Monday because the pain was too great.

That is NOT living!

Playing with my kids is much more important than any donair, or burger, or cookie.

I confess self control with food, even though I don’t overeat, is not easy when there is breads, cookies, things like that around.

Learning to cook, so my family enjoys and I don’t have to make many separate meals is my new challenge.

Training their pallets to enjoy and delight in healthy, non-gluten food is my mission.