Creepy cool!

Baby arachnids!
How many do you think there are?

Found in a hole in my backyard 😳 I hope they take care of some pests in the garden

I understand their usefulness, but I don’t think I am totally over my arachniphobia from giant barn spiders in my grandparents front porch when I was a child.

Standing rule for spiders, stay outside! Inside you better hope that the kids are home to move you. (I do try to move some that get inside, but seriously, where’s my boot?)

July Heat in May

Bumblebee at work

Must be a storm brewing 30°C and a breeze is picking up. We certainly could use a nice soft shower overnight.

Send silent prayers for no damaging rains. Give the seeds a chance to sprout not wash them out.

Still clouds

Farmer working long and hard, tractor loud in the background, renewing a long retired field. Worked late into the night, back again today. Hopes and dreams lying dormant in the soil. $$$ and especially time, tied up in skill and luck.

The day the ants march

Today is the day the big ants are out on mass. Scurrying here in there, searching, searching. One would think from watching they have no where or everywhere to go.

Hummingbird keeps dancing around the spring flowers above my head. He boldly comes close but yet so flighty he eludes my lense.

Now back to reality, it’s nearing supper time.