Garden update, sort of…

Two days ago I snapped some shots of my gardens. I was so happy with the way they were coming along.

Then it rained. It rained a lot! In fact it poured from the sky, filling the puddles to over flowing.

It was beautiful!

Today I planned on taking new pics of the magic that occurred. The garden took off, growing, growing, growing. Miraculous!

When I came inside to get my camera, it started to rain again.

I am hoping tomorrow I can get the “after” pics.

What more does one need

A day of rest, a pause, a break, the Father Creator Lord knew what we need the most!

Many Christians believe that it is a day to honour the Father. Everyday is a day to honour and worship the Lord. Sunday (or whichever day you choose as sabbath) is a gift from the Lord who knows we need rest. Mark 2:27

My heart is full of love and Thanksgiving at His marvelous grace!