Follower or Disciple, which race do you want to be in?

I believe that we were put on this earth to discover love, how to receive it and how to give it. I believe we were created, not accidental. I believe the beauty of nature is not by chance but because of the ultimate artist, that delights in our pleasure. I believe we are all the same and all different at the same time. I believe that the creator desires to have a relationship with each and every being on earth. I believe He chose to dwell among us, fully man, to show us what love looks like . I believe we continue to reject His sacrifice and lessons in a million ways everyday. I believe He loves us anyway. I believe He will not give up on us until we take our last breath. I believe following Him is somewhat easy, He only asks that we believe in Him. I believe that becoming His disciple is hard, because if we chose to answer His call as a disciple, we will be changed.

To become a disciple we need to spend time with the teacher. We must follow Him and learn what He does. We are expected in our limited capability to then become like the teacher. Ultimately we are then to go out and make disciples of “all mankind”.

As a disciple of Christ, I fall short. I worry about what others will think, will they still like me. What do I need to give up? I have a family, a home, an identity after all.

Some people in history have made Christians look very ugly. Some even to the point of haters. I certainly don’t want to be in that number. Lord forgive them!

I struggle to make it through the day trying to be “good”, patients is fleeting some days. Lord I don’t want to be like that Moses guy that took a temper tantrum on the rock instead of letting You do Your thing.

In how many ways have I denied you Lord? How many roosters have crowd in my lifetime? Like Peter it cuts my heart.

How many times have I been the pharisee looking down my high and mighty sinners nose at those that “don’t see the light and change”? Jesus ate with the sinners, not the saints.

So does that make me a follower, a fan? One who knows and accepts the Grace of God, but when the going gets tough, will I fade into the background? Run back home to my den where it’s safe and secure?

I personally want the light of Jesus to shine through me. I want to be kindness. I want to be love. I want to be a reflection of the Father. I will not be perfect, and thankfully perfection is not a requirement. That in itself makes the gift even more beautiful, unconditional love, always. What else is there to strive towards in life that makes the world a brighter, happier place, than love?

I want to be a disciple of Jesus, not a fan! I choose to start today!

Balancing act

Power by God———-Love———-Self-discipline

If love it the pivot point, we can not ignore the weight on each end. This is delicate work that takes time, possibly a lifetime to get perfected. This balancing act needs constant adjustments and tweaks.

Have you looked at the scales of your life and checked if you are balanced?

POWER We have the power to do great things, when we come to the Source to be refilled and directed. Have you taken time to stop and be refilled lately? What questions have you brought before the Creator? What issues are you facing that seem too heavy to carry anymore? What problems are you dragging along that you should let go and let God take care of?

LOVE how strong is your pivot? Is it wishy-washy? Do you speak truth in love or are you a people-pleaser? Have you transformed your heart to love in action? What words have you said in anger, what words have you left unsaid? Do you strengthen your love at the Source everyday, do you ask for a greater filling of love?

SELF-DISCIPLINE, how is your motivation? Are you spending time working, flexing your creativity, being present? Or are you hiding in ‘righteous closets’ studying or counseling or just resting up for the next storm?

How is the balance in your life? How strong is your pivot point? Is your effort to move under your own power too heavy? Have you found yourself trapped in sloth, in a disguise of something righteous? Or is your scale so broken that you are full on running away?

Plug into the Source today, take the blinders from your eyes, refill with love so you have strength to move mountains, let’s live! TODAY!

stunning reminders of the Creator

Being Religious!

A few weeks ago I was told that I was not liked because I was “too religious” . I really spent way too much time fighting with these accusations. And trying to wrap my mind around them.

You see in my own mind “being religious” was people who followed a lot of dogma and traditions, were married to a organized religious denomination and followed all of the man made rules. They looked down on anyone that did not believe what they believed or in the very least tried to make others believe their beliefs. And honestly if this IS religious, I don’t want to be this.

I AM FREE! I don’t particularly believe in any traditions, don’t get me wrong some traditions can feel soothing, or up lifting, or comfortable. But because I do religiously take things too deeply to heart and spend far too much time worrying about them handing away my freedom at a great cost to me. I looked up the definition of religious. This was one of the adjectives listed: “(of a belief or practice) forming part of someone’s thought about or worship of a divine being.”he has strong religious convictions” . Wow surprise I am religious after all!

I do believe in a divine creator being. I know that ” I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14.

I had never considered myself religious, with the exception of a brief time that I jumped onto a “bible thumping rules mode”, before being tamed back to a child of God, loved and treated as such with mercy and grace.

I had considered myself “spiritual” for a long time. I thought this because being spiritual to me was more about the movement of my spirit, as apposed to religious which in my mind had been twisted to be more about the body and how well I could control it to follow rules and traditions.

Being spiritual was to me being lead or directed by the spirit that is given me, not without control but as a willing participant in whatever action. It is a relationship I have with my creator. It is a deep knowledge to a point where it is so deeply known it’s difficult to explain. It’s knowing that there is a God and I matter to him, and because of that love He has for me, I then have surplus to pass on or give to others. It’s about having the ultimate friend to confide in and trust, that will warn you when you are heading into danger and hold you when you fall. It’s about freedom to enjoy life and the living of it. It is about hope and joy and mercy and dreams. It’s about amazement and wonder. Being spiritual is who I am and I can no longer control the fact that I am spiritual I just am. Trying not to be would be like plucking out my own eye, I could not do it.

So am I religious, oh yes thank you, I AM, it is my DNA. I will not apologize for who I AM! Don’t like it you are free also, you are free to walk away.