Balancing act

Power by God———-Love———-Self-discipline

If love it the pivot point, we can not ignore the weight on each end. This is delicate work that takes time, possibly a lifetime to get perfected. This balancing act needs constant adjustments and tweaks.

Have you looked at the scales of your life and checked if you are balanced?

POWER We have the power to do great things, when we come to the Source to be refilled and directed. Have you taken time to stop and be refilled lately? What questions have you brought before the Creator? What issues are you facing that seem too heavy to carry anymore? What problems are you dragging along that you should let go and let God take care of?

LOVE how strong is your pivot? Is it wishy-washy? Do you speak truth in love or are you a people-pleaser? Have you transformed your heart to love in action? What words have you said in anger, what words have you left unsaid? Do you strengthen your love at the Source everyday, do you ask for a greater filling of love?

SELF-DISCIPLINE, how is your motivation? Are you spending time working, flexing your creativity, being present? Or are you hiding in ‘righteous closets’ studying or counseling or just resting up for the next storm?

How is the balance in your life? How strong is your pivot point? Is your effort to move under your own power too heavy? Have you found yourself trapped in sloth, in a disguise of something righteous? Or is your scale so broken that you are full on running away?

Plug into the Source today, take the blinders from your eyes, refill with love so you have strength to move mountains, let’s live! TODAY!

stunning reminders of the Creator