Oppressive Air

Lord have mercy on us!

The very air I breathe feels like a heavy weight.

The world around me, and what I had believed about the good in people has started to disintegrate.

It’s hard to breathe or move or pray.

And the weight just gets heavier every day.

There are friendships breaking before my eyes.

Bombs are falling in foreign skies.

Hearts are crushed, most feel the weight.

Please send Your angels before it is too late.

Here my prayers Lord! We need Your peace! Restore, renew, rebuild, complete!

Send Your help Lord here today. Send it to this world I pray. Remember You love it enough to send Your Son, who bled and died for everyone.

Please stop the hate, the separation, the bombs. Show Your Glory to everyone.

In Jesus Name, You are the God who sees, You are the Creator, You are the Father, and I a small human love You.