Taking care of the most important things.

I hit a wall! Everything was piling up. Kids were picking at each other. Tim was exhausted. There was no peace.

I called a time out.

Bought supplies, and Tim and I checked out.

We didn’t get away to our usual place, it was booked up. We found someplace close to home.

Would like to say we came home relaxed, refreshed, with a fully restructured plan and the umph to get moving on it. We didn’t.

We did have a break from the grind. Maybe it will help everything be more manageable.

Sweet thing about staying closer to home. We were able to get home in time to take the kids fishing.

Fred caught a bullfrog

Fred caught a bullfrog. Thought for a bit that the frog was going to have him head first in the lake, but he persevered.

Maggy’s bass

Maggy is turning into quite the fishin’ girl. This is her biggest catch of the day. One of six this gal pulled in.

Fred going out on a limb (trunk) for Mags

Fred was an awesome big brother and managed to climb out and unhook Maggy’s line. It was close a couple times of him going swimming.

I remembered I had forgotten my salt shaker, again, when I found my feet covered in leeches. Asked for hip waders for my anniversary, lol.

When it was time to hike out the sun came close to say good night. Looked like I could have reached out and picked it up out of the water.

Good night sun

What a wonderful renewing weekend! Tonight I will rest, and tomorrow, it’s not here yet, so for now rest.

Church in wild woods

I probably said it before, but I truly believe that God is a master artist

The variety of delightful eye candy in every direction.

Creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Loon calls. Bird songs.

Sand squishing, clouds drifting through the sky.

A day in the park, leaves me praising the master, in awe of His wonderful creations, and how He must love us to give us the delights of our eyes.

Sunshine, swimming pools, and dogs

Today’s great adventure…

Go Belly!

My daughter asked me a few weeks back to take her to a dock diving dog training workshop.

I love to spend time with my oldest girl whenever I can. Now that she lives away from home, every chance is special to me.

Today was that day. Not too hot, but got a little too much sun on my knees. Not raining, that was good.

Bellamy thought it was an awesome sport, fetch and swimming all rolled into one.

Picnic lunch.

Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Fresh air.

Happy kid.

Perfect day!

Sweet taste of pea pods, friends and enemies in the garden, taking my art outside

Spent the morning fighting weeds, and potato bugs. I don’t use duster or sprays in my garden, so picked them off one by one. Luckily our pet turtle will gobbles them up quick.

This afternoon was a bit more fun. My pole beans and peas are big enough to need support. I decided to make my trellis into art this year with the help of my son, our spider webs took shape.

As a reward today a taste, of a baby pea, and time with my son.

Tired, fulfilled, peace, and joy, this is living!

Long day but so worth it!


Fishin’ Stories From The Canoe…

Beautiful Bonnechere

The heat was rising quickly yesterday. It didn’t take long till the mill was in the 40s. We decided to shut down, and take to the river.

We set out just Tim and I on the Indian River, mainly just floating along tossing the line.

I pulled out a little white fish, a bit of sport, but tossed it back.

Floating a little further, I couldn’t believe when I felt a tug on my line and up popped a great big…clam. I never caught a clam on a hook before.

Next was not so good. I hooked a stick, in a narrow fast moving spot. By the time we fought the current back to the stuck line, I had managed to hook it three places, wrap it around the canoe and myself. Was good for a laugh, turns out later that tangled line would work out in my favour.

We had a delightfully uneventful ride the rest of the way to where we had left the truck.

You would think we would have had enough for one day, after hauling the canoe and gear up a steep bank in the heat. Can you ever get enough of being on the water?

We came home, had a quick supper. Only one kid wanted to join us. Off on the next adventure.

After a bit of “sun fish play”, we pushed off shore floated along on the wind. Caught a little white fish, tossed it back.

Maggy spotted a beaver playing in the reeds. A little unexpected entertainment.

My final cast of the evening made quite a splash.

It was getting unto dusk, when the big fish should be good and hungry. I picked my spot, I cast, SPLASH!! The bait landed, but what was that giant splash at the front of the canoe?

“Did you see that SPLASH?”



“What was th….?”

“OH crap!!”


“That big splash, was my reel!!!”

Luckily for me, my line still had a tangle deep in it from my earlier adventure. Hadn’t prevented me from fishin, but certainly made it easier to reel in my reel!

Too bad I didn’t get to find out if that was where the big ones were waiting patiently for my bait.

Beauty and Flavour

Walking home for lunch today, I was welcomed by these beautiful flowers. On closer examination I was not the only one attracted by it’s beauty. I could not help myself but to pause and watch my fluttering friend.

I continued on to gathering my lunch from the gardens. Fresh basil, kale, and arugula were the delights of the day!

Thankful for the nutrition our effort and the Lord’s goodness provided!

Seeking Authenticity

Which path, do they both lead to the same ending?

I have an anxious feeling in my soul today and I can’t explain why.

I feel like something is going to happen. I am uncomfortable.

Is it from a recent discussion? In my studies, and discussions I have been bombarded by a thought so foreign to me I can’t grasp it. I feel like it’s a rabbit hole.

Is it just a moment of stretching and growth?

Maybe it’s too much coffee, not enough sleep, the weather???

Whatever it is, I choose not too live in this state!

I know that God is good, and His love lasts forever. I know He cares for us even in our weakened state. So as uncomfortable as this moment is, I choose to face today with love, patience, kindness, goodness, and hopefully a bit of self control.

Who knows maybe this anxiety will lead to something new and authentically great! After all, I am seeking the “real thing”!