Uniquely you

Oooo look at you

My list of chores is thick this morning, and all I want to do is fiddle around in my gardens.

Every day this week these little tulips in this patch have surprised me with a different colour, and now a new shape.

When I step into the garden it’s like the universe slows. Time softens from being such a concrete baracade around me, crushing in.

My soul quickens, and responsibility moves out of focus, life feels free without a care.

I missed the shot!!!

I was thoroughly enjoying touring my mother-in-law’s garden with her. She was describing different flowers and what changes she wanted to make, which plants we could come and get some of for our gardens. It was relaxing and pleasant and beautiful.

But we were not alone. Cory was hiding here and there among the plants, never far from us as we wandered around. Was she attempting stealth, or was she trying to capture our attention because “cats are the only important thing in the world, more importantly Cory is”.

We came back around almost to where we had started, and up Cory went into the tree over my head. Silly kitty!

I took some fun shots of her posed on the branch above me, hoping that I wouldn’t wear her on my head. Then I went on about enjoying the pretty flowers.

As I turned away it happened…there was first a noise…I turned…I looked…Cory was dangling from the tree by a single paw!

“CATCH HER” Screamed in my head! “QUICK GET A PICTURE” Came from my mom- in- law! It all happened so fast, no time to react!

I fumbled with my phone, but Cory was safely on the ground, walking away as if nothing happened.

I missed the shot.

Relax and Get Comfortable!

fun with friends

It’s time to get real! It’s time to relax and get comfortable with yourself! Time to stop striving and listening to your heart telling the same story over and over, relax and have fun, live a little or a lot!

Who cares what other people think? Who cares if you look silly, or your smile is crooked?

What if you danced while waiting at the check out?

When did you go outside and play last?

Have you ever just let loose and been?

Have you ever dressed up, just for yourself and no one else?

Have you bought yourself flowers lately, or a new perfume, bubble bath perhaps?

Have you indulged in something delightful?

Have you aloud yourself to dive deeply into a good book?

Has anyone wrapped you in their embrace and have you let your mind stop spinning with what is next to do and just absorbed the warmth of the love given as a gift to you?

What if you gave yourself permission to let go and just be as if no one else was watching?

Embrace life, embrace joy, embrace freedom, embrace fun, only you have the power to allow yourself to sparkle in absolute delight.

Don’t withhold the brilliance of your essence any longer, BE FREE TO BE YOU!