Ready, Set….GO!

Does anyone else feel that with New Years Day falling on a Friday, that the weekend was kind of like getting ready for the marathon of 2021? Today being the first Monday it feels like I should be launching myself from the starting line and running full on into this year.

Kinda disappointing that there is a few administrative things to tidy up from last year, before I can turn my full attention to this year. Although I believe we have made a pretty good start.

Weather is cooperating, so our main line business keeps moving along. Kids have been working on their studies. Relationships are getting more intentional, with continuing date nights with my husband, and “church” building with my tribe.

So I guess we are off on the race through 2021 already, but it still somehow doesn’t feel like it.

Big goals for 2021, this marathon may be rather steep, but I am ready for it. I have been training for years for this moment in time. No turning back! No giving up!

Are you ready to push through the pain, cover the distance, and strive for the prize? What prize came to your mind just now? Pace yourself, find your groove, let’s go for the long haul!

a good starting point