Charles the great distractor!


This is Charles. Charles belongs to and is loved by my youngest daughter. He looks innocent enough, right?

My plan was to work in the office for a couple hours, then slip outside for a nice little walking adventure, snap some pics, breathe in the fresh air.

But Charles through a wrench in my beautiful plan of Day 3 Victory. He isn’t feeling well, needs some meds. Couldn’t fail him.

Off to town I went. Short shopping list for needed supplies. Well Sir Charles you may have jammed up my plans, but I found a way to get in my stroll.

The air wasn’t as fresh, the parking lot was slushie, the isles were conveniently empty. I sped up one, down another, around the outer isles, through the healthy grocery parts, poking at veggies that might tantalize my taste buds. Over to the pet department, back to the checkout, and out to the edge of the not busy parking lot.

Today was a day, to make adjustments that work while getting the job done. Charles’ habitat has been treated. My daughter is hopeful. My legs have a little burn to.

Victory doesn’t always have to look exactly the way we had imagined it to.

When enough is enough

Bellamy’s birthday photo by Sarah Murray

Yesterday was my grand-dogger’s birthday. She turned two and of course we had a little doggy party for her.

At a birthday party of course there are lots and lots of treats for everyone. But here lies the problem…WHY OH WHY DO I EAT THEM?

Of course cake is delicious and it fills my mouth with wonderful delectable sensation, BUT and it’s a big BUT, my muscles and joints SCREAM even louder at me when I am not careful with what I eat. So why oh why do I continue to eat them?

Here I go again, Halloween, daughter’s birthday, and Christmas fast approaching, my very achy and sore foot goes down! Diet reset, eliminate, and add some colour. Only I can make this happen, I put the fork to my lips.

If you hear me muttering “pain” under my breath when I look at bread, or sugar, I am not really crazy. If you hear me chanting healthy goodness, wonderful flavour when I am about to bite into broccoli I am equally not as crazy.

Breaking it down the next seven days, I can do seven days right?

How about you? Are you also struggling to reset some part of your life, where you know that the long term gain will be amazing compared to the constant pain?