An evening walk, quiet, beautiful

I haven’t been able to really enjoy walking in a long time but tonight I was almost completely pain free. I gladly volunteered to walk to our mill to unplug a tool, truly enjoying the evening air.

What a wonderful blessing to be able to walk!

I paused to enjoy my garden again and discovered new treasures developing on the plants.

Beautiful friends

My young daughter got to see her best friends today. The first time in probably almost a year.

It was amazing to see how ‘pure love’ of childhood friendship can withstand absents and pick up again without missing a beat.

We should take a lesson from our children, and find those friends that have no expectations, just joy at spending time together ❤

5 foot tall party

My son’s young friend finally reached 5 ft tall, so his mom came up with an idea to through him a party.

She invited 4 more kids, my husband and I. We tossed th canoes on, packed up a lunch and headed into Algonquin park.

What an awesome day we had.

These kids sure have imagination when they get unplugged.

Myself, any reason to get into the “wild” is a good one.

Wonder what the next “party” reason will be?

Random acts!

I don’t know who to thank, so I have decided to share the good story instead.

Tim, Fred and I were out looking at mill equipment today, dropping some stuff off, and picking up bird feeders.

It came around supper time and we stopped at a pub we knew had excellent quantities of food to fill up Tim.

We were happy to find the food was as good as we remembered.

The atmosphere was jovial, and we bantered back in forth with a table of people near by.

Tim continued to enjoy chatting it up with the smokers out taking their puffs, while I finished my coffee and waited for the bill.

The waitress came up, I reached for my wallet and she told me that they have a customer that randomly picks up other people’s bills. She said they had bought our entire meal. She said, ” the customer likes to remind people that there are still good people in the world. “

I was shocked! This was no coffee and donut, this was probably about an eighty dollar meal!

We asked her to thank them profusely, and tipped her well for her service.

I do not know why they chose us, but wow, thank you!

Today I was touched by kindness. I try to be a kindness warrior, not necessarily with money all the time. And I often miss the mark.

This act of kindness hit the target directly in my heart and left a mark!

Thank you kindness warriors wherever you may be!

Health matters

I have a food enemy! I know I have said it before.

Three days, back in to carefully choosing my food choices.

I have been drinking Nettle/Dandelion tea every morning for three days to aid in detoxing.

Pain is easing, and “easy” food is looking less and less tempting.

I missed jumping in the lake with my kids this past weekend, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to climb back out.

I missed spending time working in my garden fully on Monday because the pain was too great.

That is NOT living!

Playing with my kids is much more important than any donair, or burger, or cookie.

I confess self control with food, even though I don’t overeat, is not easy when there is breads, cookies, things like that around.

Learning to cook, so my family enjoys and I don’t have to make many separate meals is my new challenge.

Training their pallets to enjoy and delight in healthy, non-gluten food is my mission.