Shock and Disbelief!

Our government has failed us! Our police have brutalized us! Our media has spread the same three half-truths for days on end! The banks are robbing people’s accounts! And some of you think this is okay.

Have you read the charter of rights and freedoms? It was written within my lifetime to protect our people.

Do you know there is supposed to be debates and votes to envoke the war measures act (emergency act)? They canceled the debate and sent in the thugs and bullies. Why are they not following the charter of rights and freedoms.

Did you know there were tens of thousands of people in Ottawa the last few weeks and only about 4 incidents that were broadcast over and over again in the media? Hard to believe with that many people.

Did you know that the city closed the stores, they all could have stayed open and probably recouped all of their lost revenues from the last two years?

Did you know that there was lots of hugging and handshake, laughter and fun?

Did you know that for once in two years there was hope and friendship and family togetherness?

This is not my Canada. My Canada would have had delegates to sit down at a peacefire and talk. My Canada does not violate peoples rights they have sworn to protect. My Canada does not paint a diverse group of Canadians as racists and white sepremists.

Where is my Canada? Is it gone forever?

Shocked and sorrowful!


Questions flood through my head.

Nothing that was seems to be anymore.

Was it ALL an illusion?

What happened to truth and honor?

Where did my peace go?

Let not your heart be troubled.

But it is troubled.

Another lie will not change anything.


Kindness. Love. Peace.

Truth lies in the middle usually.

Guns, intimidation? Why?

Not here, not where I live?

It can not be true!

Stop the noise for a moment.

Listen to the silence.

What does the still small voice say?

Can you still hear it?

Listen, listen closely it is still there!

Blanketed or Weighed Down

Blanket of snow

Yesterday I went outside chasing the sunset that was casting a subtle pink glow, framed by dark trees covered deeply in pure white snow. I missed the shot.

As I was walking around snapping different pics, my mind started contemplating. These beautiful trees covered with snow, were they blanketed securely or were they burdened by the weight of the covering?

How many different areas in our life can we ask the same question? Is this question flexible in it’s answer depending on other circumstances at the time?

Are you feeling weighed down today by anything that you once thought of as a beautiful protective blanket? Do you need to shake it off or should you just snuggle down and enjoy it until it melts away?

Whimsical Wintery Day

Day dream snow!

I looked out the window, the trees were covered with a thick layer of story book snow.

It was clean and fresh and beautiful. A day that one could sit with a hot cup of tea and daydream story after story looking out at the fluffy marshmallow looking trees.

Warmed by the fire, watching the chick-a-dees flit from tree to tree, grabbing a seed just to fly back and peck it open, over and over again.

When the front door opened the blue jays took flight on mass startled from the feeder. The cold rushed in jarring me from my dreams and moments of pleasure.