Who’s drum beat are you marching to?

Did you know that your are uniquely and creatively made? There is no one else on the entire earth that is like you, not even if you are an “identical twin”.

If this is the case that we are all unique and individual, what are we to do when our soul beliefs of our purpose, or our healing journey are out of step with those closest to us?

How can we conquer in our spirit the negative comments that come maybe even unknowingly from our “important people”?

How do we keep from just slipping into their beat, at the cost of our individuality, instead of firmly grasping our individuality and harmonizing with each other? Which in my opinion brings into existence a colourful stirring orchestra of life.

I am a recovering people-pleaser. I am/was prone to passive/aggressive behaviour. I don’t like either of these traits, as these traits involve lies to self and lies to others. So therefore in a sense that makes us that are people-pleaser addicts, liars. Wow that’s harsh right! Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes you need to feel the pain like surgery to become well.

This confession comes because this adds to the difficulty in keeping up with the beat of my own self’s heart, instead of chameleonizing (yes my own new word) into the beat of those around me.

Have you ever tried to get to know yourself. Maybe this isn’t an issue at all for some personality types, but for some of us, the struggle is real. What moves us, what brings us joy and fulfillment? How do we discover these things without becoming selfish or self absorbed?

This is the journey of my life, this is the work of my soul, to know and love my own beat and to be in perfect harmony with those around me. Lofty yes, possible with my Creator’s help.

Step one: radical truth. A process at which you answer your self truthfully and you accept what you tell yourself, and know that it is okay. This is an internal soul talk, it does not need to be voiced to others. It is an acknowledgement of your feelings, desires, and comfort level.

Step two: the pause. This is where you need to consider those around you. This is where self-control, and compassion come in. This is the moment that you need to decide what is helpful and edifying and what is personal and stretching (working to avoid offense). What are you comfortable with accepting? What benefit does your response have in harmonizing your drum beats? Is there a middle road to meet in a compromise? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Does there need to be discussion or does it matter not in the bigger picture?

Step three: the response. External or internal, be true, be kind, be gentle, but be true. (Yes I repeated true on purpose.)

Step four: remember you are uniquely and wonderfully created, to create a rhythm, a music, a beautiful dance in this world. You are the work of art when you allow the Creator to form and mold you into what He desires, and you allow His creativity to flow out of you in a bright shining light, a unique glow, that is You.

Please don’t loose your rhythm, your drum beat, don’t be conformed. Learn to harmonize, to shine, to bring to existence the music of life in this world.