I’m not waiting for anybody

Beautiful, tenacious, funny, cute, snugly, intelligent, impatient and a bit of a sneaky bully! That’s my Maggy!

I remember so clearly the happenings of the day and night she was born.

I remember the doctor telling me, no, you still have another week. I remember telling his receptionist that although this fifth child was not presenting me with “normal” signs of imminent birth, something very real and strange was going on.

I remember going to the job site my husband was on and asking him if he would be willing to deliver this kid, because I didn’t feel quite right. Him saying no, but we decided still to stay at home and save money as apposed to spending the night in a motel closer to the hospital.

I remember when she not so subtly, “knocked” to get out. Not labour, no, not Maggy, the rules don’t apply to Maggy. LOL

I remember almost having her on the off ramp on the way to the wrong hospital, and only sheer will power preventing her from being born on the front seat of the car. We certainly were not going to make it to the correct hospital.

I remember…and I share this story over and over, it’s a great story, but Maggy is so much more than the story of her birth.

She certainly fits the mold of youngest, dare I say spoiled, child. She can wiggle out from under tasks, she knows just how to say things to draw attention to her siblings, and if that fails a careful pinch, and a yelp will usually help her cause. But I am onto her now! lol

Maggy is my cling-on, the kid that has been attached to my leg from toddlerhood. For the first 5 or 6 years of her life she wouldn’t speak in front of anyone outside of the immediate family, and would not shut-up when no one else was around.

Maggy is an animal lover and animals seem to love her right back. She has had very close relationships with a horse friend and most recently a kitten that is ‘temporarily’ visiting our house. Polly the princess pony would come running when Maggy drew near.

Maggy wants to learn to cook. Her dream is to become a chef. (Well for now.)

Maggy is amazing, her personality is vibrant and loving and developing new depths everyday!

Today I thank the Lord for Maggy, for all she taught me through the years, for all I have yet to learn.

Happy birthday baby girl, may all of your dreams come true!