|Living in full colour

What is your favourite colour? When you think of this colour, what do you feel? I don’t mean on the surface but what deep emotions does this colour stir in your soul?

My children must have asked me what my favourite colour is a million times a million or more times. Depending on the day my answer sometimes changes, or my go to answer is sometimes all the colours of the rainbow.

Today I am feeling pink! A new shade of pink, bright, vivid, alive!

I feel new today. Is because of a good nights rest, my new piece of art I purchased and finally got to bring home and hang up last night, is it the warmer weather, although still grey?

Maybe it’s the way my bedroom is coming together, or the “stuff” I got rid of yesterday that is no longer bogging my spirit down.

Maybe it is my resolve to declutter my household, of stuff, of habits, of lies, of frustration, of darkness!

There is still so much to do, because rose colour glasses are not working for me anymore. Truth needs to be the very air I breathe.

For a moment I felt pink, bright, vivid, alive pink!

What are the hard truths I need to face to be genuine pink again?