this is not what I expected”

I remember an old photograph I have of my dad holding me up to the “picky” Christmas tree to put the angel on the top. I loved putting the angel on the top of the tree. I felt special as a kid when dad would lift me up (by the waist) to do it.

My daughter asked if she could put the angel (same one from my childhood a little more tattered though) on the tree this year. I asked my husband to recreate a photo of that time from long ago. This is not what I expected!

Christmasing was fun this day!

Well today is Christmas Eve 2020, and as the butterflies grow deep in the pit of my stomach, how in the world did I allow myself to get so concerned and worried about “making Christmas”?

Isn’t Christmas all about God with us? Isn’t it about teaching us what love looks like?

When did it become such a stressor of making the perfect “party experience”. Don’t get me wrong, I think any opportunity to have together time with family and friends is a wonderful time. But why am I feeling so uncomfortable?

I made a mistake a long time ago, trying to make the ‘perfect Christmas experience’ for my children. It ended up becoming a heap of too much stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, what parent doesn’t like “giving good gifts”. I love seeing the kids excitement grow and their faces alight when they discover what Santa brings in his sleigh. I love unwrapping the presents picked out with love by each other. (a little concerned about what Steph “the joker” might of picked out for us this year)

The problem is the worry… did I forget anything?… will they be happy?…. how much did I spend?

Ugh, when did Christmasing become so stressful, that the monster that I worked so hard at beating back to a tiny creature is starting to grow a little, in the pit so deep with in. Squash it! Crush it! Beat it back into submission! No snarly monster’s aloud to ruin my Christmasing this year!!!

Time for a lesson from “Cindy Lou Who, that was no more than two”! Attitude adjustment, a little meditation, a bit of breathing exercise, and onward to wrapping up presents with ribbons and bows, and straightening up the house so Santa doesn’t break any toes!

May your Christmasing be full of the true spirit of great love! May you experience great joy! May blessing after blessing wash over you and yours!