January treasures!

I am Canadian ah! So you would think that winter would be no big deal to me. And I must admit when I was a kid the snow was rather fun. Sledding, tobogganing, skidoos, snowmen, forts, yes as a kid winter was fun. But confession time, I really do not like winter. I would much rather hibernate like a big ol’ bear.

This year has been so different though, much more mild temperatures. Not a lot of snow. I have actually ventured out on more than one walk.

What a wonderful, peaceful thing to do in January, usually I don’t leave the house till March, except for work, lol.

The scenery has been magical, with little treasures to be discovered, painted in by the hand of God.

You know, don’t tell anyone, but if Canadian winters would stay above -10C I might even like them. 😉