Now what?

You have set your goals, you know the steps you need to take to accomplish each of them, you have a time line….

Day one comes and goes. Success!!! Amazing!

Day two comes. You are struggling a bit, but you make it through.

Day three. The struggle to stay focused is tiring. Maybe a little teeny tiny set back won’t hurt.

Day four. First half of the day you are strong, you are focused, lunch time comes…full on crash and burn!!!

Now what? You have tried and tried and tried again. What’s the point of it anyway? Will it really change things for the better anyway?

STOP! Wait! Why is it so easy to fail, and how do you stop it?

One missing link may be that you have not taken the time to reconcile with what you will be leaving behind to get to the new and improved you.

Have you considered the trade offs? Is your subconscious fighting with fear of loss, or change, or that you might miss something good?

If some of your goals have quickly become derailed but you still long to achieve them, now is the time to sit down and make a pros and cons list of where you are, where you want to be, things that you will need to set aside, and things that you will receive when you succeed.

But this alone is not quite enough. Now add the emotional attachment that you have to what you are setting aside. How will it effect your happiness in the long run? What new joy will flood in when you have accomplished your goal?

Mourn and celebrate and then reset your goals with a fresh outlook, and plan, and move more easily forward into the new and improved you because ahead is brighter than behind!

morning light