Well it happened.

I said it wouldn’t happen this year. I had a plan in place. Not again, no not this year!

And then it did…

S.A.D struck, yes, the winter blues, the darkest nights and overcast days, left me broken. Unmotivated and down trodden my ability to function “normally” became strained to the breaking point.

Everyday it’s the same thing…wake up motivated with a plan. Work on school work, drive my daughter to work, a few other routines, then a break. A break that takes all afternoon, supper maybe, then pick up my daughter, then bed.

I have indulged in two full seasons of a Netflix show within a few days. My kids wonder do I still exist.

Every so often I have a couple days of normal, but for the last couple of weeks, ugh!

Thank the Lord for the months of the year. If I get through today, a fresh new start tomorrow.

I know that it’s all an illusion of newness, it’s not any different than today, but I will hold unto it. Refocus, keep my eyes on the prize. Celebrate the milestones along the way.

Good friends, good food, and new things to discover. Beauty and joy!

The days are getting noticeably longer, the sun is actually shining today.


Night beauty!