The Canadian Affect

You may be Canadian if the first warm sunny day of March can totally change your mood, and lift you up out of the doldrums of life.

Yesterday was it! A game changing day. A day were the temperatures soared to +6C, the snow was melting, the sun was shining, the air was fresh.

The pure pleasure of hard work in the sunshine, with just a sweater on left me sore, but satisfied. Sleep was sounder last night, energy is greater today.

Who could of foretold of the impact that one day of warm sunshine could have.

An almost perfect day. Warm, no bugs.

Now to get through the season of ice and puddles.

Today promises to be warmer than yesterday and sunny mostly. It isn’t even supposed to freeze up overnight. Of course I never count on what the weatherman says, they get payed even when they are completely wrong.

I feel like a race horse at the starting line on days like this, our business relies heavily on good weather and we have had a late cold snap recently. So off I go to work hard, to soak up the sweet rays of promise of renewal and growth, and bask in the glory of spring being in the air!