Lazy day

Maggy’s gooey goodness!

Yesterday we celebrated Tim’s birthday. Lots of love and food and marshmallows. A fun and exciting drive through the narrow roads. Including a bit of an adventure returning the tires of an oncoming vehicle to the road, as he squeezed a little too close to the ditch to let us by.

Today is Sunday. I know that there are things to clean up. Gardens to uncover. Seeds that need planting. But honestly it’s lunchtime and I have not officially gotten out of bed.

I have been working on school work, sending emails, filling in applications, sipping coffee, browsing social media, handing out my unsolicited opinion (oops lol), and writing this blog.

I guess it hasn’t really been a lazy day, as I take another sip of my third cup of cold coffee. I really thought I would get to drink this one hot!

It’s nice to have a day of rest, a gift from the Lord, to slowdown and remember the blessings of the week. To exam what went well, to contemplate where we need to improve, to let our bodies catch up to our minds, and look ahead towards our next week.

Whatever you do today, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and may you take time to count the blessings, mourn the losses, and stratigize the week ahead!