A special treat for today,

When I walked into Walmart, I was determined to pick-up my file folders and nothing else.

As we were rushing to the stationary isle, the beautiful, colorful magazine display on the end of the craft isle caught my eye.

I paused, it spoke, I reached out for it’s beauty. Even the texture of the cover was rich to my finger tips.

The pages filled with quotes, writing prompts, and pictures I could almost smell.

I am addicted to beautiful journals, fancy paper, and colourful pens.

I love the way a good prompt can send my minds-eye racing down forest paths, or lounging in a fragrant garden sipping tea from china cups, my eyes shaded by my large floppy hat.

Today I was determined to stick to my target, but I am thankful I detoured into indulgence, and paused for a tantalizing break.

It is joy to sit in the moment, savoring the flavour of my coffee, flipping pages, daydreaming, mind wondering, jotting colourful notes on the pages.

What have you indulged in today?