The Last 30 Days:”Live like you were dying”

What if today you found out you have just one month to live?

Hold on a second though, as your mind shifts into overdrive, a few parameters before you answer. One you are relatively healthy, meaning, you can do everything that you usually do. Two you have relative freedom. Three you only have your normal resources to work with.

Would your mind immediately start making a list?

What would be on your list?

Would you have all the jobs you have yet to complete still on your things to do list?

Would God come into focus, with all your screw ups that you suddenly feel an overwhelming need to repent of?

Would there be people you would want to reach out to? Mends to make? Love to show?

How about your spouse and your kids?

Do you need to explain anything, any action or inaction?

Would you finally clean out the clutter from your life?

Would you pursue every pleasure for your sight, sound, taste, smell and touch?

Would you try to bury any “ugly stuff” or would you clean it up?

What would you do with one month to live?

How would you, in the words of that ol’ country song (Tim McGraw), “live like you were dying”?