Day 4 Victory

Priceless treasure!

This morning was rough. It started last night,I had found a treat at the store that when I tasted it I instantly realized it was a horrible, miserable mistake. Just thinking about it still makes me queasy. Yuck!

Lucky for me I have this priceless treasure of a friend. She seen my distress and gave me a remedy of apple cider vinegar, which surprisingly made a difference.

She is also amazingly gifted in martial arts and knows how to make a girl feel better. She got me flowing through some breathing and tai chi moves, my exercise for the day.

To watch her flow through the moves is like watching fine dancing. Lightly moving from one position to the next with the grace of a ballerina. Ironically if the movements were sped up she could cause serious damage to another. Which makes it even more incredible to watch.

Movement, laughter, tea and conversations about Jesus. What more could a girl want?