Prioritizing the checklist

Once upon a time I had it all together. Lol who am I kidding.

Funny thing about being busy, it is way too easy to forget what I did just a moment before.

Enter the dream of a checklist, again.

Yes again, because I used to have a really good checklist that when I followed it everything would go just “tickity-boo”, yes smoothly.

I wouldn’t forget 2 minutes after taking my vitamin if I took it because I would check it off as I went along.

The problem with stopping using such an awesome and easy tool for someone like me, is that I put it somewhere and now that I am getting back on track and want it, I can’t remember where I put it.

Then of course my overthinking mind wonders how important the original is when it has to be revised. …But the majority of it would be the same, so I wouldn’t have to think so much.

And around I go again!

I must say I do make new year resolutions, but I also believe in challenging myself throughout the year also. Making a new checklist is something on my shortlist to do, in fact it is a resolution.

I figure if I just focus for a moment it could be a really fun art project to.

Pretty pink