Disappointment and crushing sorrow!

It is hard to write tonight. I am so disappointed In a lot of media coverage, and the words spoken by the provincial and federal so called leaders of Canada.

To even accuse the thousands and thousands of Canadians that have been supporting the run to end mandates, that violate constitutional rights of all Canadians, of being hateful racists, makes me physically ill and filled with great sorrow. A few random photos does not support their dialog.

When you get any mass of humanity in one place, there will always be some that are jerks! The majority are not.

As an aboriginal woman who is one of the masses that want the statistics corrected to reflect the reality. That with a high interest in science and a desire to keep my family safe has spent two years searching and reading reports, and asking people first hand experiences. That feels like there is no hope for myself to see my grandmother this side of heaven and hold her hand, because she is locked away like a prisoner behind a glass window, or in a fenced enclosure like a wild zoo beast, for “her safety” of course, probably feeling abandoned. Who is a sociology/psychology geek, with a Christian worldview, who watched in wide eyed awe as the masses were given panic reports, generated by computers that caused panic and fear, then separation, then mistrust, and distuction of families, and now a hateful “them and us mentality”.

That aboriginal woman proudly went to parliament hill in the brutal cold on Saturday and stood together with people from all different historical races, all Canadians together, to fight for the freedom that our forefathers guaranteed, with their very blood, sweat, tears, and prayers.

Now I, an aboriginal woman but moreso a human created by God, for God is being called a hateful, racist, because I dare to question the agenda of the “rulers of our country”.

What about the army vet who is my friend, or the airborne vet that opened his property to welcome the protestors?

What about the shikh community that was represented? Or the black lives that matter enough to stand up and show their support to end the crushing mandates? I also witnessed many people from obvious middle-east heritage, proudly being Canadian and asking for their freedom and right to their uninterrupted livelihood back.

How dare Mr Trudeau and Mr Ford accuse us all of being hateful, uneducated, racists! I am very, very offended!

I went to the hill to pray for peace!

I went to the hill to pray for truth!

I went to the hill to pray for forgiveness!

I went to the hill to pray for the end of fear!

I went to the hill to pray for the end of hate!

I went to the hill to pray for the restoration of relationships of family and friends!


As for the few in the crowd that disgustingly climbed on the war memorial, shame on you. You were not the majority.

As for the pee, you punk, I hope they catch you and make you clean the monument with your toothbrush.

Postscript: open the washrooms back up, it’s human decency!

As for the two or three flags in photos that have been shown two or three out of thousands do not speak for the masses and you could not find them on the hill.

Don’t believe everything you are told!

Were there angry people on that hill? Absolutely! Did they encourage people to violence? No!

Do they want Mr Trudeau to answer questions about decisions he has made? Yes, me to!

I want the same thing Trudeau spoke of in his press conference today “nobody has the right to keep you from going to work”. In this we agree. Let us all have freedom to move and work without interference for all Canadians!

Brothers under God fighting for freedom!