Plugging into the source…

a life coach in need of a life coach

This was one of those weeks! I started off last Sunday with a great plan in my mind, how all of a sudden I was going to get my ‘stuff’ together, THIS WAS THE WEEK! Come on lets go! Then Monday came.

I didn’t feel overly inspired on Monday, I kinda had a few ideas of keeping the line on perspective and changing my perspective going through the week. After all this has been a subject of my awakening that has been heavily on my mind. So shouldn’t now be the time that I write about it and fill out my thoughts so I can take control of them and place them in organized compartments never to have such influence over me again?

Then Tuesday happened! An unexpected issue came up, as they do. A flood of thoughts, and emotions! Do I change my plans for the day? Do I drop everything and focus on this? What do I do, what do I do , what do I do? STOP!!! Breath!!! Remember it just is!! Now what do you need to do about it? Will getting upset fix the situation? No it won’t! Think, plan, wait, think, plan, act. Release! There is no more action to take at this moment except a prayer for intervention.

Thinking momentarily that we had it bad, a friend stopped by for a few minutes. I was so excited to see them, it had been a while. They came to tell us that he had cancer, and the doctors were not very hopeful. The shock!!!! The sorrow. My mind went running in a million different directions! How could that be, how could that be? My “unexpected issue”, shrank in an instant to almost insignificant!

Another reminder that life is short! My friend is my age, I am quickly moving into the “older crowd”. “So what are you going to do about it? When are you going to embrace what you have? How are you going to live fully? Why are you waiting for anyone else to see your potential? Where are you going to start?” GET UP AND BE THE CHANGE, BELIEVE AND DO!!!

I must admit, the happenings of the week slowed me down. Sometimes you need to slow down. Sometimes you need to pull over and come to a complete stop. Sometimes you need to go back to the source and plug in fully beyond the “habit” of prayer and study. Our friends and our Friend often get a small helping of our time with the busyness of life. The call to my soul to take the time to sit with Jesus, as apposed to studying Him, or sending him requests like a waitress gives the chef an order has been strong lately. Not so long ago I spent every morning and night listening for Him, why does one stop doing what blesses and fills a life so fully?

It is time to fully plug into the source, and be recharged so that His light shines out upon the world, and there becomes a beacon of hope for all the world to see! Are you going to plug in with me? There is lots of light to go around!