Dreams, Goals, Systems & Action

How many dreams do I have that I believe would make my life better if I took action and did something about them? What am I waiting for?

Last Sunday I spent the afternoon weeding my vegetable garden. It was so peaceful, the kids didn’t make an appearance hardly at all. I had discovered I could feed my brain through audio books and I didn’t have to keep rewinding because of interruptions as the kids were afraid I would make them help lol. It was nice. I managed to get all but two rows finished. I felt accomplished!

Then Monday came…my muscles where screaming, objecting, miserable. ” What in the world were you thinking!!! Bending, stretching, reaching!!! How could I do that to them? They hold me up after all, why did I make them work out like that?”

One of my big goals is to be healthy. Being healthy is a logical goal, it’s also an emotional goal. But it is a challenge because you actually have to move to achieve it.

My body is not happy, I hurt some days, a lot of days, right from the moment when I get out of bed. I have had to replace clothing because of weight gain and unfortunately the majourity of clothing that is too small is still cluttering my closet (another issue in my life). I avoid looking in the mirror.

I need to lose about 40 pounds to get back to what is considered a healthy range for my height. I am a sugar addict, not really a fan of exercise, meals…well it’s hit or miss whether I eat or how much.

I have spent hours googling and youtubing keto, vegan, gut health, exercise, my age group, etc., etc. My brain is melting down from information overload, everyone of these sites have “THE” answer. But guess what, watching these and studying has not made me lose one single pound. I am stuck!!

I know what I should do. I also know that once I start, the next day becomes easier and easier. I also know that exercise can even become an addiction within itself because of the endorphins it releases. So why can I not take the first step? The only thing standing in the way is ME!

This is only one example of a goal that is sitting idol in my mind.

There are other examples I could share and many reasons or excuses I have attached to not doing them. The thing is life is short!

There is so much that the Lord has created and given to us to discover and enjoy. He has given us desire as a gift. He wants us to succeed and dream bigger dreams and set higher goals and discover more and more about Him while we move along. As we discover and are amazed then our praises can rise up to Him for His greatness and love. He does not want our dreams ensnared in our mind, it does not bring Him honour as we sit on the sidelines and dream. When he placed Adam and Eve in the garden, did He say sit here and watch the world pass you by or sit here and dream of what you might do?

Rich DeVos said “Look at someone and how they prioritize their life…that ‘IS’ their dream.” A real dream is what you do. (Taken from Influence Smart class CLI 4.3) Are you living your dream or letting life pass you by? Waiting for whatever you are waiting for?

This week I will be healthier. Will you take a step to be your dream?