This week had a day that from one perspective could of left me angry and frustrated if I had let it.

Thursday we were traveling in the city when our truck broke down on the side of the road. It was hot, it was not an overly safe location as it was on the highway and the traffic was heavy and because of COVID the tow truck driver would not let us ride with him in his truck so basically we were stranded an hour and a half away from home.

Really didn’t have much control over the situation it just happened and that was that.

Who could we call? Where could we go? So I called a friend who called a friend and a plan was set in motion. We were being rescued!! The friend of a friend dropped what he was doing and came right to the city and picked us up. Helped us check out the truck. Managed to make arrangements for us to finish our original task, and found us a ride home.

I could be angry because we now need to purchase a new engine for our truck, but I choose to be blessed because our friend cared enough to help us even when it was probably one of the most inconvenient days for them to take the time to do it.