Break Out!!


When everything seems to be going wrong, when the very universe seems to be pressuring you and your trapped under the weight of responsibility and nothing seems to be getting done, what is one supposed to do?

Hit the road!

Yesterday my mind started boiling over. It’s been a strange couple of weeks. I haven’t had a lot of energy, and of course like usual when the body is revolting, the stuff around me starts breaking.

This summer we knew we needed a “new to us” van. I am not willing to borrow to buy a vehicle (although the temptation was strong) so we had been taking our time trying to find the right one for our family. While doing this we were relying on my husbands truck, but as life would have it, we cracked the head on the engine and found ourselves very much in need in the “now”. Well looking at a couple of vans, an older van, for a lot less money was offered to us. We decided to go for it, making it so we can use the difference to fix the truck. In hopes to be able to take the family fishing or something before the summer escapes us. This is a good, good thing! BUT… of course then my less then two year old washing machine decided to stop working. BAMM! Pile it on!

Meanwhile my daughter came for a visit she lives 25hours of driving away and yesterday was her day to leave to visit others that she cares about. My mother came to pick her up (it’s complicated). Because of my daughters visit the house work had kind of slipped a bit, so when I looked around… Pile it on!

So my moods started to simmer! No I am not one of those bloggers that have life all put together, I am on a journey, not at my destination.

Then God showed up, the phone rang, my friend called. She could tell right away that I was stressed. So we did what was needed, dropped the responsibility and headed out for lunch. Followed by a bit of clearance rack therapy. Calmness started to seep back into my being. Would have liked to spend more time with her as I hadn’t seen her in a quite a while, but the ice cream was melting.

Being that nothing had been going according to my plan or schedule, I decided to call it a day when I got home. I checked out and watched You Tubers that tell you they have their life altogether. You know those young ones that look like they just got out of diapers, that “got it all going on”.

But the sun was shining, our bridge is mostly back together, and my butt has expanded this summer, so I broke out of my head, escaped again from my house and hiked 3.2 kms into the country. The best therapy ever!!!

A crack in the prison in which I encase myself! A step towards my hopes and my dreams! Not just a simple walk, but yet a step!

And as usual I was not disappointed…