“God created us as an original, but oftentimes we die as a copy, how tragic that is!” Dan Cathy chick-fil-a

I heard this quote early this morning in my business class.

This is “it”, this is the reason for this site! I don’t want to be a copy, I was created to be unique, I am one of a kind!

What would our world look like if we all stepped out and strive to become the original that God created us to be?

What if we ignored the people that discourage us from trying something new?

What if we were our own cheerleaders?

I believe we already know more than we feel “safe” admitting about the life we truly want. The blueprint is within ourselves are we willing to take our blinders off and do the work that is sometimes uncomfortable, take chances and risks?

Are we willing to swim against the current, climb the mountain even when it’s steep, to continue through the desert when we are not sure if we can make it because we are so thirsty for a taste of success?

I am not willing to settle for a “copied” life! I don’t want to fit in!